Dressage Stallion Rosall: Making Dreams a Reality

Friday, June 18, 2010
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Rosall and JJ Tate by Richard Malmgren
Rosall and JJ Tate by Richard Malmgren
Once in a while, the dream comes true. It starts with a breeder, who owns a special mare. He or she selects and breeds the mare to their dream stallion. A foal is born, and there begins the journey. This special horse unites the visions of all who know him, and creates new dreams along the way. Rosall is such a stallion! The dream that Rosall started began with Wendy and Marty Costello, of Kent Island Sporthorses on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Costellos have enjoyed a deep friendship and partnership with FEI Dressage trainer Jessica Jo Tate for many years. “JJ” rode their stallion Donavan to many Grand Prix successes.

Says Wendy, "We got along with JJ so well, and she gave so much to us by elevating our dreams through her hard work and clarity of purpose. With Donavan, she showed us what true harmony between horse and rider looks like as well as what a solid work ethic and commitment to dreams  was all about! We wanted JJ to do well and we wanted her to reach her goals!”

Royall KIS at Dressage at Devon by MJCostello
Royall KIS at Dressage at Devon by MJCostello
Since the Costellos wished to support JJ in her dream to one day ride in the Olympics, the search began to find an up and coming young stallion who could fulfill this goal. They all hoped that this special horse could join their combined wishes to be both an Olympic contender, as well as a stallion who had all the attributes to be a great asset to North American breeders.

When JJ found Rosall in Germany through a trusted friend, she knew he was the one. When asked if there was something specific that she was drawn to, she laughed and said:

“The canter! When I saw him canter it just blew me away. I think for the first six months that I rode him I had a huge smile on my face- it’s really an incredible feeling!” JJ went on to say: “Rosall also has such presence, and such a kind soul to him, a neat character. He really is the sweetest stallion.” JJ adds that her Head Groom Molly  just loves him. “This is ‘her’ horse- she has adopted him!” JJ said with a laugh.

Soon after, Wendy was on the plane, heading overseas to see him for herself. Wendy shares about first seeing Rosall:

Rosall at Ten Day Stallion Test with JJ Tate by MJCostello
Rosall at Ten Day Stallion Test with JJ Tate by MJCostello
“When we reached the barn and were walking down a long aisle, I saw a horse in cross ties at the end of the aisle. I could only tell he was a chestnut.  I stepped out ahead of JJ and said is that him?  Yes. And walked swiftly straight to him ahead of JJ.  I looked into his eyes and said, Hello Rosall.  He looked squarely at me, lowered his handsome head and gently pushed his nose into my face. He passed the big test right there!  He was open, trusting, and not aloof! He was not startled by me, or my fairly abrupt approach.”  

Wendy was also inspired by seeing JJ ride Rosall:

“JJ grinned from ear to ear, she was so joyful and excited, and could not get over his ‘world class talent’.  I imagined her looking into her future, her ultimate dream just over the horizon.”

After passing a rigorous veterinary pre-purchase exam, they all agreed; he was the total package! Rosall remained in Germany where he went on to win his 30 Day Stallion Test among other top candidates. He then headed to Maryland USA, his new home, early in 2007.

It didn’t take long for JJ and Rosall to form a dream partnership. In 2007, the young stallion and JJ won their outings at Training Level with stellar scores approaching 80%! That year, they also won the prestigious Four Year Old Materiale Class for Stallions and Geldings at Dressage At Devon. Their winning ways continued in 2008 with the pair continuing to garner blue ribbons and high score awards.  In 2009, Rosall not only won his first 3rd Level classes as High Score of that level, he also won the inaugural ISR/Oldenburg NA 10 Day Advanced Stallion Testing on March 22nd. Rosall was the top scoring stallion for the test, and from his test rider Mikaela Gunderson he received 9’s on character, rideability, willingness to work! He is now lifetime licensed with this registry. Today, Rosall and JJ are preparing for their debut at the FEI levels; a testament to a great partnership.

On the breeding front, Rosall has already started to make his mark.  Says Wendy,

Rosall and JJ Tate by Richard Malmgren
Rosall and JJ Tate by Richard Malmgren
“Rosall is stamping his youngsters with such charm and expressive freedom of movement, uphill drive. I lose my breath watching his kids  bounce around the pasture, each one lifting those  front legs at the knees and  pushing  him/herself uphill… just  so gratifying. As a breeder, I know we made a great choice!

Wendy also shares her hopes that  “...breeders will see the  spark that is in Rosall; the spark that he gives to his  offspring even with a variety of mares, and see in those colts and fillies  the correct conformation, talent and ability to enable others to reach their goals, whether it be a local, regional championships, or international competitions.”

With a pedigree full of World Champions and top International riding horses, Rosall can offer some of the best European bloodlines to North American breeders.  US Breeder Isabelle Brown is already a Rosall fan:

“Through our friendship with Wendy and Marty Costello we have had the opportunity to add back to our small breeding and training facility in Ohio a very special mare and her two sons by Rosall. We went to see Rosall when he just came over from Germany and JJ showed him at the Kentucky Horse Park. You could already see his talent and especially his gorgeous canter. When the opportunity came to have Manhattan back home, and also her sons by Rosall, we decided to go ahead ... Now we are the proud owners of two very lovely colts by Rosall who seems to have passed on his flashy and expressive movements. We truly hope that both of them will grow up to be "super stars" in the dressage ring ... and I am dreaming that either myself or one of my students will take them all the way to Grand Prix.”
Rosall’s accomplishments as both a top competitor and successful breeding stallion might ultimately lead back to the stallion that started it all for the Costellos and JJ - the impressive Grand Prix stallion Donavan. Now a grand 26 years old, the big Hanoverian with the majestic forelock united JJ, the Costellos, and their dreams in the first place. With Donavan, JJ realized her first Grand Prix successes and the Costellos assumed ownership of a top breeding stallion. Now it is Rosall, as well as Donavan, who may continue to move the dreams of these friends into the future. Wendy had always hoped to cross the bloodlines of these two stallions, breeding her Donavan mares to Rosall. This would be a fitting tribute to the start of one dream, which lead to the fulfillment of another. Wendy, Marty and JJ are all thrilled to share the spectacular Rosall with his breeders and hope that dreams come true for his breeders as well!

Rosall is available to North American breeders through Hassler Dressage: Visit his web page at Hassler Dressage.  410-885-3824.