Dressage Riders Submit Their Own Videos For Evaluation At Dressage Training Online.com’s New “Personal Academy”

Saturday, November 13, 2010
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DressageTrainingOnline.com, the world’s leader in online global Dressage training, has announced the launch of its newest feature, “Personal Academy.” Personal Academy allows members to submit their own training or schooling test videos and then receive an online audio lesson from their chosen Dressage Training Online trainer or judge of choice. “Personal Academy synchronizes the audio and video so the rider can watch themselves ride and listen to the trainer or judges commentary applicable to that given moment,” said Reisa Bonetti, founder of Dressage Training Online (DTO). “In addition, Personal Academy allows the trainer or judges to leave key notes online for the rider and the rider can jot down important notes and take-aways, online, from their lesson to further cement it into memory.”
Bonetti added, “In addition to the fantastic opportunity this presents to the Dressage world, we provide our participating members with a commemorative DVD, documenting their lesson for limitless review over time.”

Personal Academy provides a solution for many situations and Bonetti pointed out that no other offers like this exist in the training sphere. “First of all, it is a great opportunity for those who do not have a trainer and need input and evaluation occasionally to ensure their training is on the right track. Secondly, it saves time and money for those who are preparing to go into the competition arena as it allows them to spend a minimal amount of money to get the judges view and approximate score and provide them with the confirmation they were looking for,” Bonetti said. “Finally, for those high performance professionals needing the expert eye of a Dressage master, Personal Academy can fulfill that need and bridge the distance of time and travel.

Bonetti added that the process is easy. “It works like YouTube, but our technology provides interactivity between parties. Though it’s not real time, it’s the next best thing,” she said.

Jan Bemelmans, German Dressage master and current trainer for the Spanish team said, “I like this product and will be using it for our team because I cannot always be with them during critical training moments. If Juan and Fuego, for instance, are having an issue, we want to address it sooner rather than later and sometimes waiting two weeks until our next scheduled session is too long. Through Personal Academy, I can see them, talk them through what I see and ensure Juan knows and understands exactly what I am saying and where and when it is applicable. Because it is documented, viewable and audible there is no room for confusion.”

Amateur dressage rider Gina Rucsack said, “This is a cost savings for me. When I think I’m ready to show the next level, I often find out the hard way that I’m really not ready, as evidenced in my scores. By that time, I am $500 in the hole, at a minimum, for entry fees, stabling, hotel, gas and all the other little things we have to pay for when competing. Now, thanks to Personal Academy, I’m sending my schooling test in first to get an FEI judge to take a look. Then if I am where I thought I was with my training, based on their evaluation, I’ll spend the money to show, making it a pleasant and worthwhile experience, rather than a waste of time and money.”

For more information on Personal Academy or DressageTrainingOnline.com, please visit them on the web at www.DressageTrainingOnline.com.