Dressage Riders Praise the Value of the Mushroom Matrix

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Without focus, even the most physically talented dressage horse can’t win and that’s why the Mushroom Matrix is fast becoming the supplement of choice in the dressage world. Across the U.S. and abroad, dressage riders are discovering that among the many benefits of the Mushroom Matrix is that it reduces anxiety and improves concentration. Thus, it helps horses focus on their work.

Here is what some top competitors and horsemen are saying about the Mushroom Matrix Product;

  • Jane Hannigan - US High Performance Grand Prix Competitor
    Since we tried the Mushroom Matrix, Maksymillian is taking the training better and he’s matured a lot as a horse. That’s a big difference,” And that difference seems to be evident in the show ring. "Mak" and Hannigan are fast becoming rising stars in Grand Prix competition with their eye on the 2008 Olympic Selection Trials. Read More....
  • Wayne Channon - British Dressage Team Member
    Within two weeks of trying the product on a spooky mare, she was so much calmer and more relaxed in her way of going,” Channon said. “When I ran out, within a couple of days, she began to change and within days I saw that she was more jittery and I noticed the change in her work. So, I’m convinced.” Read more....
  • Scott and Susanne Hassler
    Well known young horse trainers and stallion managers have discovered another benefit of the Mushroom Matrix – allergy protection. The husband and wife team own and operate Hassler Dressage in Maryland, where they have been trying out the Mushroom Matrix on some of the horses in training with them, including a young stallion with an allergy problem. Read More...
  • Pati Pierucci and Hampton Green Farm's Idilio II and Cosaco XI
    FEI Dressage rider, trainer, and mom. Working out of Kimberly VanKampen Boyer's Hampton Green Farm, Pierucci is offering quality breeding, training and sales program with a strong focus on Spanish horses. "Even my very quiet P.R.E. breeding stallions in competition need some help with extra focus. Read more...

For more information on the multiple benefits of the Mushroom Matrix, visit the Matrix website at www.mushroommatrix.com.
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