Dressage Rider Shannon Dueck Becomes Ambassador for Trilogy Dressage Saddles

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ithaca, NY (December 17, 2009) – International dressage rider and trainer Shannon Dueck, a veteran of the Pan Am Games and the World Equestrian Games, has joined Dressage Rider Shannon Dueck Becomes Ambassador for Trilogy Dressage Saddles as an ambassador to the prestigious saddle company. A leading Canadian rider for many years, Dueck now proudly rides for the United States. Dueck is also proud of her association with Trilogy Dressage Saddles. "I love the Trilogy dressage saddle - this beautifully made saddle is incredibly comfortable in the seat, and the flap allows my leg to drape easily down the horses side,” Dueck said. “Most saddles have knee or thigh rolls that get in the way of my long leg but Trilogy has designed a flap that allows my thigh to easily fall flat while still managing to be supportive.”

Dueck, who is based out of Loxahatchee, Florida, brings a wealth of dressage knowledge to the Trilogy team, including being coached by Bert Rutten of the Netherlands for 11 years. She has also worked with Kathy Connelly and trained extensively with Lars Peterson. Dueck, who continues to train and show horses at the FEI level, also has a list of accomplished students who are spending a great deal of time in the winner’s circle.

“Shannon’s success as a rider and a trainer is wonderful and admirable, but what makes her an inspiration is that she is truly a lovely person,” said Debbie Witty, President of Trilogy Dressage Saddles. “I am really looking forward to our future together and I am especially looking forward to watching her with her new superstar mare Ayscha.”

Ayscha has been thrilling crowds with her spectacular movement, especially her piaffe and passage. Dueck is not only thrilled with the mare, but also with how the Trilogy saddle fits her. “The Trilogy saddle fits well behind the shoulder of my mare Ayscha, and allows her really good shoulder freedom. My chiropractor just worked on her and said her back was the best it has ever been, so I believe Ayscha is finding the saddle a very good fit as well,” Dueck said.

Witty, a qualified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England, has spent years helping top riders such as Debbie McDonald, Shannon Peters, Courtney King-Dye, George Williams and Guenter Seidel with their saddle fitting needs and Witty is pleased to be adding Dueck to her impressive list of names. “What an exciting addition Shannon is to our Trilogy sponsored riding team,” Witty said.

Trilogy Dressage Saddles, which are built in England by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the world, caters to a world-class clientele. Witty has developed an eye for detail, an understanding of training, and the ability to see how the rider, saddle and the horse are all affected by each other. For more information on Trilogy Saddles or their sponsored riders, visit their website at www.trilogysaddles.com. For more information on Shannon Dueck, visit her website at www.DueckDressage.com.