Dressage Rider Holly Bergay Sees the Positive Side of Everything, Even Her Disability - Part 4

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Debbie McDonald - A Fan of Holly Bergay

"I had never taught a disabled person until Holly and was not quite sure how to go about it." said Olympian and Holly's idol, Debbie McDonald. "But it didn't take me long to figure out that this kid has feel beyond most and talent we all envy."

"Not to mention guts! She is such an inspiration for all of us. We can learn so much from such an amazing young lady like Holly." continued McDonald. "She is not going to take no for an answer and has proven that she doesn't need to. I can only say that the riders that complain about there horses being this or that, Go and watch what it takes to be a champion, watch Holly Bergay!"

There is one final advantage Holly sees to her disability. It has made her appreciate things more, especially the fact that she is able to compete in dressage. And the fact that she does so with a disability “has gotten me a lot of attention. And that’s kind of nice.”