Dressage Pro Tip by Trilogy - How Shannon Peters Keeps Her Boots Shiny

Monday, May 2, 2011
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People always ask me how I get my boots so incredibly shiny. Of course it takes a good system of cleaning, polishing and buffing, but it also takes consistent work on them to maintain the best condition. I tell my clients to clean their boots every day. This is important not to let sweat, grime, dirt, manure, etc... build up on the boots. Especially sweat is quite damaging to the leather. I always use Castile soap, on the horse side of the boot, to wipe away sweat, hair and dirt. Sometimes just water on the "shiny" side of the boot, depending on the last time polish was applied. I typically polish my boots once per week, and really give them the once over, bottom to top. I believe it is always important to look your best in the saddle, and that includes having shiny, well taken care of boots!

As half of a ‘dynamic duo’ dressage team with husband and Olympian Steffen Peters, champion rider and trainer Shannon Peters is a well respected member of the international dressage community. Trilogy President Debbie Witty believes Shannon has a unique talent for teaching, both horses and riders, and is proud to have her as a Trilogy Ambassador.