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Thursday, November 15, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero




This week's News Note for the week of November 12-16, 2012 is brought to you by YS Nutrition - Natural Whole Food for Human, Equine and Canine. It is offical that Courtney King Dye is an inspiration to the sport of national and international dressage and she was recently recognized for this at the FEI General Assembly Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of today's top dressage Super Horses have their next outings planned - see what Valegro, Uthopia and yes, even Totilas have coming up! While the last NewsNotes had the story of Patrik Kittel parting ways with Dutch trainer Sjef Janssen, it seems the same can be said for Adelinde Cornelissen. Not that it has hurt her a bit with all of her ongoing success with the FEI World Cup Dressage qualifiers! Great Britain's Laura Bechtolsheimer is taking on several new sports - don't worry! - it is for the BBC Network's reality show Superstars 2012 where she will compete in everything from cycling to swimming in a head to head competition with fellow Olympic countrymen! Fianlly in a very inspiring story, a Vietnam veteran has found his purpose in helping fellow vets with Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome with equine therapy! Truly cool since we have just celebrated our veterans and all they do/have done!{C}As the holidays are approaching it is understandable that people are beginning to turn their attention to planning for company and their Thanksgiving menus. The weather is starting to turn a bit unpredictable with warm days sharing the week with cooler, windy days and for some - snow! The south marches on with the Dressage at the Holiday and Horses in Wellington, FL, the Poplar Place Farm November Dressage Show in Hamilton, GA and the Turkey Trot Dressage in Hernando, MS. Heading out west we have the Tucson Dressage Club Fall Festival I and II in Tucson, AZ, the Las Vegas Dressage Fall Fling in Las Vegas, NV and California rounds out the action with the Thanksgiving Dressage at Hansen Dam in Lake View Terrace and the Dressage Getaway Inc in Thermal.


Its offical! Courtney King Dye is the recipient of the FEI "Against All Odds Award" presented to her by FEI president HRH Princess Haya during the FEI conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Courtney's accident, while she was not weraing a helmet, left her in a comma brought international attention to helmet awareness. She stated on stage while receiving her award that “The fact that my accident brought such attention to safety, particularly helmet use, gives it a purpose. I wouldn't do it again mind you, but if it saves one life, it makes it seem worthwhile.” Courtney is truly overcome a great deal and has forever changed the face of the sport! Check out her thoughts and reflections at DressageDaily.com...

Britain's Super horses return to the ring!! - It looks like the Gold medalist team of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro will return to the show ring together! Charlotte's "wish came true" when it was decided that she would show Valegro at the 2012 World Cup Qualifier at Olympia Horse Show in London on December 17-18, 2012. The decision came after a new buyer has not yet been found for Valegro..  At the same competition, it is possible that Carl Hester will also bring his Olympic partner Uthopia. (However the ownership of Uthopia is an issue in court tying up his sale). Read more here!

2013 will see the return of Germany's dream horse Totilas. Matthias Rath and the Dutch Warmblood stallion have changed trainers by going to the Netherlands to begin working with Sjef Janssen with 3 seperate horses. June 2012 was the last appearance in the show ring for Totilas at the German Dressage Championships. It is expected that it will take about 4 months for the duo to get to the level of showing in the new system. Rath had to cancel the London Olympics due to becoming ill and the pair are working back into form....Check it out here!

Eurodressage.com has published that Dutch Olympic silver medalist Adelidne Cornelissen has followed in the footsteps of Sweden's Patrik Kittel by parting ways with Dutch trainer Sjef Janssen. While Janssen has been pairing down the number of students to a small group, Cornelissen has stated that she had not been to train with Janssen since the 2012 London Games. Cornelissen has given credit to Sjef for helping to elevate her career but is currently showing super success with her new "lighter" riding style being showcased at the FEI World Cup qualifiers. Check out more here!

Dressage gold medalist Laura Bechtolsheimer is taking on a new sports challenge! She, along with 15 fellow Olympians will compete head to head in the BBC TV program Superstars 2012. The athletes, who competed in a wide variety of sports in the Olympics ranging from Judo to Shooting, will compete in 8 different disciplines. Running, javelin, swimming, archery, kayaking, cycling and the "classic Superstars event" - the gym test. Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it! Good luck to Laura as she attempts to become the first equestrian to win the competition! See a ful list of the athletes here!

John Nash grew up "breaking" horses (admittidely by breaking their spirit) so horses were nothing new to him. However after serving his country during the Vietnam War, he could relate as he cam home a broken man - so broken in fact that in time he was ready to end his life. Enter Rain, a mare bought at auction who was also from a troubled background. When John almost drank himself to death in the barn, it was Rain who would not let him go to sleep and started him back on the path of healing. After bonding with a horse saved him, he had the idea to begin a program to help other veterans with Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. This is a wonderful story of our beloved equines helping people who give us our freedoms. Check out the video here!



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