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Thursday, October 11, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero



Good Morning America Team Lara Spencer, Amy Robach, George Stephanopoulos with Ann Romney, Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger (Photo: (C)ABC/Ida Mae Astut)
Good Morning America Team Lara Spencer, Amy Robach, George Stephanopoulos with Ann Romney, Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger (Photo: (C)ABC/Ida Mae Astut)

This week's News Note for the week of October 8-12, 2012 is brought to you by YS Nutrition - Natural Whole Food for Human, Equine and Canine. Paralympian Rebecca Hart joined the cast of Good Morning American and Anne Romeny on Times Square for a discussion on how horses have helped keep her stay out of a wheelchair. Of interest - Rebecca's Paralympic partner was also in the thick of things in Times Square - what a mind! US Dressage Technical Advisor/Team Coach Anne Gribbons has announced that she will no longer stay in the role after her contract expires on November 30, 2012. A Totilas foal tied a record knockdown price at the Oldenburg Autumn Sale in Vechta. Eurodressage.com has an interesting piece on a company that made pre Olympic predictions and have now cruched the data and are looking at how they did on the predictions - it is very interesting. Did you know that Horseless Horseshows are spreading across the world? Just what are they anyway? Finally, three icon/legends of showjumping were recently honored by the USEF - see who they are!With the weather changing to cooler, crisper days and chilly evenings, it is a signal that the show season (for a great deal of the country) is coming to a close. There are just a few more Regional Championships to take place across the country and this weekend we have just one with the The GAIG/USDF Region 2 Dressage Championships and KDA Fall Classic I that will take place at the Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Elsewhere, in the north, we have the Garden State Dressage Classic in Allentown, NJ, the Mystic Valley Hunt Club Inc. Fall Dressage Show in Gales Ferry, CT and the LIDCTA Fall Classic in Brookhaven, NY. The rest of the shows are scattered around with the Atlanta National Fall Dressage I and II in Conyers, GA, the SLADS Fall Dressage Classic in Lake Saint Louis, MO, the Great Plains Chapter of Oklahoma Dressage Fall Show in Stillwater, OK and the Dressage In The State Of Jefferson in Central Point, OR.


US Paralympian Rebecca Hart was featured on Good Morning America, October 10, 2012. It was a fun feature as her fabulous Holsteiner gelding Lord Ludger (owner by Jessica Ransehousen) also joined Rebecca IN Times Square! Geez if this did not display this horse's unbelieveable temperament, I don't know what would. Anne Romney was a guest host on GMA and shared the segment with Rebecca talking about how horses have helped both women with their disorders. There was a pre taped video showing Rebecca and Lord Ludger at their home base and we get to see them schooling. Hart credits riding to keeping her out of a wheelchair. Read the story and Watch the Video here!

US Technical Advisor/Team Coach Anne Gribbon's announced this week that she would not renew her contract with the United States Equestrian Federation whne her term expires November 30, 2012. Anne has had a pivotal role in putting a national coaching system into place for Young horses, Developing horses, Young riders and High Performance riders. With this system inplace it is hoped that the US can grow in a unified direction to be able to compete on par with the best in dressage. Read more here!

Horse and Hound reports that a bay colt by Totilas (out of a Sandro Hit/Figaro mare) tied the record for the Oldenburg Autumn Auction when the hammer fell at 200,000 Euros! That is by todays date, roughly $259,000. Totila's owners Paul Schockemohlen and Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff were in a bidding war with an American bidder and in the end were the winners of the colt. The price was tied with last years Ampere/Sandro Hit colt that was purchased for 200,000 euros to Jerich who is the sponsor of Adelinde Cornelissen. Will we be lucky to see this colt go to Adelinde?? Check out the rest of the story...

Eurodressage.com has a piece this week regarding David Stickland's Global Dressage Analytics. In July, David's group rans numbers based on various fact and data and then gave its predictions on both team and individual scores for the 2012 London Olympic Games. This current article reflects the data after the numbers were crunched to see how Global Dressage Analytics did with their predictions. I read through the article and found some very interesting information and thought it also a lot of fun! The article shows pie charts of what movments helped win the test and they break down rider vs rider to let you see where scores were actually earned and medal won! Check it out - very cool!

Imagine if you will...watching a cute pig tailed child cantering toward her first fence of her round....but the twist is - no pony! Horseless Horseshows are taking off around the world - that is right the world. Horseless Horseshows are pretty much as any normal jumping competition would be. Participants are judged (often by "real" show jumping riders) on their speed and whether they take down a rail, aquiring faults. There are nearly 20 horseless shows set across the us, canada, Europe and Central America. There are typically 40-130 per competition with the age range of 3-adults. A great deal of the shows are put on through JustWorld International, a nonprofit founded by former elite show jumper Jessica Newman and the events help to fund projects for poor children around the world. Check out the rest of the story and now those horse crazy kids that are not lucky enough to have a mount have a way to compete and "show". JustWorld International, a nonprofit founded by former elite show jumper Jessica Newman, the events help to fund projects for poor children around the world. Read about the growing trend!

Although not dressage related - three showjumping legends were recently honored by the USEF. George Morris, William Steinkraus and Frank Chapot, members of the 1960 Olympic silver medal team came together to have the historic Courtyard at the Team Headquarters located at Hamilton Farm in Gladstone, NJ dedicated in their name. The trio have garnered a total of 53 medals at World Championships, Olympic Games and Pan Am competitions. Read about these icons of showjumping and what great contributors to the sport they have been...



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