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Thursday, March 13, 2014
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US Dressage rising young star Ayden Uhlir
US Dressage rising young star Ayden Uhlir
Is dressage becoming more mainstream? It just might be with the the super appareal company Nike recognizing its first ever equestrian athlete and it is a young up and coming dressage rider. Check out who it is! The early March rankings are out for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy - the west coast has the top three spots - check out who else is there and who is number 1. Recent studies point to the conclusion that the instance of gastic ulcers in performance horses is as high as 90% see what you can do to help manage and hopefully prevent them in your horse. British Olympian Emil Faurie is giving back to the community by funding a new riding arena for underpriveldged children through his foundation. Also in Europe, Horses International has an article with one of Hollands breeders Team Nijhof looking at the horse breeding business and what they have had to do to adapt in todays times...Yippee, spring is just around the corner! For those that were not so lucky to flee to warmer parts of the country this winter, it is time to shake of the show clothes and polish your boots! Shows outside of the warmer clients are starting to dot the landscape and this week we will start in the west, we have the Golden State Dressage March Mania in Rancho Murieta, CA and the Spring Dressage at Hansen Dam in Sylmar, CA. Heading across the country heading east we have the Las Vegas Dressage Spring Fling in Las Vegas, NV, the Tucson Dressage Club March Madness I and II in Tuscon, AZ and the Emerald Classic I and II in Katy, TX. On the east coast we finish the weekend action with the Southern Comfort in Aiken, SC and the Global Dressage Festival 10 in Wellington, FL.

So while Nike may be a household name in many sports it has never before recognized equestrian sport - until now!! US Dressage rising young star Ayden Uhlir has signed on with Nike as the first US Equestrian Athlete! It will be interesting to see how this will play out as far as branding, etc. Check out the full story here on DressageDaily!

The early March rankings for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy and California rider Steffen Peters is at the top of the list with Legolas. The top pair have a score of 75.919% but they are not alone in the top three. The number 2 and 3 spot are fellow Californian's Guenter Seidel with Coral Reef Wylea (72.777%) and Jan Ebeling and Rafalca (71.713%). While the list has the top 15 rankings only 5 riders as of the list publishing had filed their application of intent. See the rest of the list at Eurodressage.com

Gastic ulcers - we have heard a lot on the subject but did you know that several recent studies have show that the prevalence of ulcers in performance horses can be as high as 90%?! Sad, but true. Yet while many factors have been pin pointed, no single cause has been identified. Katherine K. Williamson, DVM has written a very informative on theHorse.com about things we can do management and preventative care wise that could help protect your horse. Check it out!

One of Britain's dressage Olympians, Emile Faurie, has taken the opprotunity to help underprivileged children get the opprotunity to gain experience with horses. While the St James City Farm teach children about many things from growing vegetables to building farm buildings there is a small group that gets to ride at Hartpury College (which has a long waiting list). The Emile Faurie Foundation has stepped up to fund a new arena at St James so that the farm can now run its own riding school to help more kids. Check it out!

Horses International has an interesting article on Team Nijhof, one of the major players in sporthorse breeding in Europe. The article gives the stud farm's take on the horse "crisis" that is currently going on in Europe and how this affects the horse breeding and sales industry. They also discuss how they have had to adapt and adjust to survive in these tough times. Check it out here....

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