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Friday, December 20, 2013
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero


Well it is not surprising that there are no shows on the USDF calendar today so that everyone can have a little down time to spend with family and friends. I hope that you all enjoy the Holidays and New Year and we can all look forward to a busy and prosperous 2014! In November, the FEI had made the decision to remove the I-II from the 2014 show season however the decision proved unpopular causing a reversal. Ever wondered what rights are granted to you when purchasing a photo from a professional photographer? Then check out the article on DressageDaily to learn the answers. The AAEP convention was held recently and one of the key note speakers spoke on the responsibility of training your horse to be "good citizens" for vet visits. Check out a story about a coupld of Ocala horses that play a role in the latest "Hunger Games" installment. Read an inspirational story of a Cavalia rider that had to fight back from 46 broken bones to earn her dream job!The FEI had made the decision in Novemebr to scrap the Intermediare II from the 2014 season replacing it with the Intermediaire M Medium test. This would also have affected the U25 division as the I-II was the lead in test. However this week the FEI made a 180 and reversed the decision due to the appeal of several national federations. See why the FEI had a change of heart at Eurodressage.com - Read More...

There is a very interesting story on DressageDaily.com that covers many questions about copyright issues when using a professional photographers photos. Many riders believe that a one time purchase of a photo gives them rights across the board to use on websites, for advertising, etc. when in fact you may have only purchased the right for one print image that cannot be duplicated. That is why it is so important to check what you are allowed to do when purchasing photos for say Facebook, placing on your website or advertising as many photographers offer different options for their photos. Know before you use them! http://www.dressagedaily.com/article/dressage-show-photography-image-copyright-license-questions-answered

One of the vets that was in attendance at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) convention reflects on a presentation given by keynote speaker Buck Brannaman on the responsibility of horse owners to prepare their horses to be well behaved "citizens" and be prepared for a visit from your vet especially since many visits are under stress or pain may be involved. Read more on the subject here!

It seems that Ocala's horses play a prominent role in the blockbuster movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". Grand Oaks Resort and Museum is located in Marion County and they got the call when they needed Friesians for the movie. While Dieuwe and Tristan were 2 of the 17 Friesians used in the film, they were the two chosen for the scene where the two stars ride in a chariot on their way to begin the Games. Read more about how horses were used in the film and how they pulled off the scene where there was "no" driver! Read more!

Hopefully a great deal of horse lovers have been fortunate enough to have attended a Cavalia experience. It is a wonderful experience for sure! For one or the performers it is somewhat of a dream come true. In 2003 Fairland Ferguson was on break from university when she feel roughly 82 feet while attempting to jump off a cliff into water. 46 broken bones later, including both arms and legs, she was told she would not walk again. Read about her insired journey from the hospital to trick rider!

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