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Friday, January 18, 2013
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero


Edward Gal and Romanov (Photo: © Astrid Appels - Eurodressage.com)
Edward Gal and Romanov (Photo: © Astrid Appels - Eurodressage.com)
Riders4Helmets will host their 4th annual Safety Symposium in the Alltech Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park on February 2, 2013. Planning to attend? Register early to avoid a door charge! The Danish Stud Farm Blue Hors has sold one of its most popular sires...see what is behind the decision to sell and who gets the ride. Carl Hester is looking to lay low on the international competition scene - see what is behind his decisio,what he plans on doing  and how long it may last. All ladies need to read the courageous blog of dressage trainer Jamie Fell after her discovery of breast cancer and take note ladies to take care of ourselves like we take care of others. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services now offers an Equine Interstate Event Permit - see what it is and will other states soon follow?While most of the country is in some crazy winter weather patterns, South Florida is warm, sunny and inviting! Head on down for some fun in the sun to watch both the Gold Coast Opener in West Palm Beach and the Dressage Opener in Wellington. Don't forget that the World Dressage Masters Palm Beach is right around the corner starting next week!! Continuing across the country we have the Tucson Dressage Club Winter Heat I and II in Tucson, AZ, the HDS Winter Show I and II in Katy, TX and last but not least the Yarra Yarra Dressage January in Pleasanton, CA.

Riders4Helmets will be hosting its 4th annual Riders4Helmets Safety Symposium on February 2, 2013 in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Representatives and participants will come together to discuss many facets of helmet safety with panel discussions and lectures on a wide varitey of topics including, but not limited to: Youth education, Traumatic Brain injuries, safety incentives and current helmet rules. The event is open to the public and be sure to register online to avoid a $10 charge at the door. Check out who will be speaking!

Blue Hors, the famous Danish stallion station has sold one of their most popular stallions - Romanov (Rohdiamant x Grundstein II x Akzent II) - to Gaston Glock of Austria. The purchase of Romanov was to secure the ride for Glock's rider Dutchman Edward Gal. Negotiations began between Glock and Kjell Kirk Kristiansen (Owner of Blue Hors) after the pair achieved an impressive 81% in the Kur at the 2012 CDI-W Odense in October 2012. See the full story at Eurodressage.com.

There is no doubt that Carl Hester has been in the media spotlight after Great Britain's banner year in 2012 and the uncertainty of Valegro and Uthopia's pending sale (BTW - look for Charlotte showing Utopia at CDI Addington!). It looks now that Carl himself is thinking of taking a break from the high performance ring. Carls stated - "I think it would be great to give some of the other riders a chance of a team placing this year because we might need them for future teams". Carl has some young talent that he would like to take time to develope and aim for Rio! Read the full story here!

All ladies owe it to themselves to read the story of dressage trainer Jamie Fell and how she discovered she has breast cancer. So many women ignore their own health instead focusing on everyone and everything else in their lives. Jamie's honest story is a reminder to take time for ourselves and listen to our bodies. She has started a blog on her website titled "My Journey" where you will be able to follow her through her treatment and life. Be sure to check it out and take care of yourselves!

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) has announced a new option for equine transport with the Equine Interstate Event Permit (EIEP). This permit will allow southeastern interstate travel for a six month period instead of requiring mulitple 30 day health certificates. Check out the VDACS webite to see what states are participating in the program, how to apply for the permit and what you will need to do to keep the permit current.

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