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Thursday, January 5, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero


Brought to you for the week of January 2-6, 2012! With the Holidays behind us and New Year's Resolutions firmly in place, we all trun toward 2012 with anticipation! The 2012 Florida Winter Cicuit is getting underway this weekend with the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge I In West Palm Beach, FL and the Twice As Nice Dressage I in Newberry, FL. There is also challenges underway in Florida for the new home of the Gloabl Dressage Forum. We also look ahead to the 2012 London Olympic Games with the countdown clock at 204 days! With the Olympics looming, Great Britain narrowly missed losing one of its medal hopes when Carl Hester's Uthopia was in play for a sale to Sweden.Helmet safety is on the rise Worldwide with new developments in Canada and Germany's Isabelle Werth. Europe recently lost two breeding stallions and in celebrity news.....meet the "leading man" - the horse that stars in War Horse!

Eurodressage.com has announced that the rumor that Carl Hester's Uthopia was sold to Sweden is just that! In a close call, Swedish Rider's Minna Telde had contacted Uthopis's owner as her boyfriend  who is a business mogul was willing to put together a "dazzling, multi-million euro amount" together for the 10 year old stallion. Check out the rest of the story and read about the close call at Eurodressage.com!

In other Euro News, two more top breeding stallions were lost. Florestan I passed away at the age of 26 on January 2nd. Florestan I was an exceptional stallion siring ninety licensed sons and over 2,000 registered competition horses in Germany alone. In addition to Florestan, the Trakehner stallion Cornus succumed to colic at the age of 24 on December 31st. Cornus has a successful show jumping career and while he had a limited breeding career he was a producer of high quality daughters...

The winter circuit in Florida is underway the challenges and questions are still being debated over the new location for the Global Dressage Forum that is currently under construction. Developer Mark Bellissimo, Managing Partner of Wellington Equestrian Partners has written an article in response to a newsletter sent out by the Wellington Equestrian Preservation Allaince (WEPA). Check out the article which also has a link to the WEPA's newletter and a response to the newsletter from dressage trainer Robert Dover.

Helmet safety is on the rise and while the United States has been leading the charge with rules being set in place by the USEF for wearing helmets in competitions. Helmet safety issues came to the forefront after Olympian Courtney King-Dye's accident when a young horse tripped while she was aboard. Now Germany's Isabelle Werth is leading the way in Europe by announcing that she will be wearing safety head gear from this point one when schooling and in competitions. Werth stated that "As a mother I have a special responsibility. And also as a top athlete I can give a good example." Well said! Read more here....

Canada has also announced that that in 2012 there would be a national rule change that would require all riders to wear helmets for all sanctioned Equine Canada competitions. This rule covers all riders of all ages and levels to wear safety helmets which expanded on the May 2011 rule that required "riders competing in Fourth Level and below, FEI Young Horse Tests, Material and equitation classes at Bronze, Silver and Gold shows had to wear helmets." Read More about the New Rules!

The leading man in the movie "War Horse" has an interesting story in how he became a horse thespian! The ex-race horse (unsuccessful), Finder’s Key, a sporty, 12-year-old California-bred gelding was discovered on the backside of the Los Alamitos Racecourse in Los Angeles by Hollywood Horse Trainer Rusty Hendrickson. "Finder", as he is known, may not have been a good runner on the track, but he is an experienced actor having already starred in the hit film "Seabiscuit". Read more about the temperamental actor who according to  his trainer Bobby Lovgren -  is "by far the most intelligent horse I’ve ever worked with. He seems to enjoy showing off when people are watching. I don’t know how he knows it. He truly is Mr. Hollywood. You can’t put a price on him.” Read More Here!