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Friday, May 27, 2011
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News Notes for May 26, 2011 This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track, the natural way to good health.

[rep6]There is much going on this week with CDI's being held in 3 different locations. THe USEF Foundation has announced four Elite Dressage Rider's Clinics and New Zealand will host Jeremy Steinberg for it's Regional Dressage Forum. Thinking of buying that dream horse in Europe? - check out the tips to a safe and hassle free importation. Western Dressage is taking off in popularity and some traditional shows are experimenting with offering classes. The dazzling show Cavalia talks about the stars of the show and how they train and handle the horses. The singer Pink is seeing red over horses being painted pink for a Selena Gomez video.




This week there is CDI action in three different regions of the country! On the east coast, the KDA 25Th Annual Dressage Show CDI*/Y/J in Lexington, KY and the ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Dressage and CDI 3* Y/J Allentown will be held in Allentown, NJ. The third CDI is on the West Coast with the Dressage at Flintridge CDI*Y/J - La Canada Flintridge, CA. In other action - Bel Air, MD will host the Dressage at Heavenly Waters Show and in New York, the Dressage At Saratoga in Saratoga, NY will be held. Katy Tx will host not only the Spindletop Arabian Horse Spring Show but the GSEC Diamond Classic I and II as well. The May Day Dressage Show will take place in the lovely horse country of Aiken, SC. Camp Lake, WI will host the Silverwood Dressage May II. And wrapping up the west coast action we have the Dressage Derby I and II Vacaville, CA and the 16Th Annual Spokane Sport Horse Spring Dressage Show in Spokane, WA.

The Markel/USEF Young Horse Selection Trials are underway and the Western Trials will kickoff this weekend at the Flintridge Riding Club May 26-29, 2011. The competition is one of only three nationwide Selection Trials to select representatives for the U.S. at the World Championships in August. In addition to showcasing some of the nation's top young dressage talent, this competiton also serves as the final qualifying competition for the Pan American Games Selection Trials. Check it out!

The USET Foundation has announced four Elite Dressage Rider Clinics tbe held on both the East and West Coast. The clinic are by ivitation only to riders on the Grand Prix Dressage Long List. The clinics will be conducted by Olympian Steffen Peters and the USEF Dressage Technical Advisor, Anne Gribbons. For further information, dates and locations - Click Here! http://www.usef.org/_IFrames/newsdisplay/viewPR.aspx?id=7109

Each year, hundreds of horses are transported to the US from foreign countries and having all the information at hand can make the task a lot less daughting! With a little planning, your importation of your dream Sport Horse can be done with minimal stress and worry. See the details and learn the ropes of importation!

In August 2011, New Zealand will be hosting an FEI Regional Dressage Forum with guest trainer Jeremy Steinberg, an international level rider and trainer from the US that is also the recently appointed National Dressage Youth Coach for the US Equestrian Federation. The forum will begin on Saturday, August 27 and finish at 4pm on Sunday, August 28. It is limited to 165 tickets and will be open to participants of all national federations. See More Details Here!

It seems that Western Dressage is on a rise in popularity. The Western Dressage Association of America states "It uses the methods of master horsemen to combine the suppleness and harmony of classical dressage with the spirit of the western horse." While classical dressage has long been used by top western trainers, there is now an organized effort to recognize it as it's own discipline so that many more horses will benefit. Read more about this up and coming sport!

One of the members of the UK Police force will be getting a well deserved rest! Titan, the (yes get this) 18.3 (!!) hand Shire-cross gelding has been suffering from intermittent lameness due to ringbone and will be rested for 6 months to see if he can continue in the force. Titan's long time rider PC Tim Pollock - “Titan is one of our top horses. He is very loyal and brave in all situations. People are always astounded by his size and often come up to say hello." See this gentle giant!

Cavalia is a spectacular combination of equestrian art and a bit of Cirque de Soleil type acrobatics and the trainers of the large array of horses are well known for their kind and positive training techniques to train the stars of the show! Their goal is to have happy performers and there are lots of considerations for this from performances to the "downtime" provided! Read More about this exciting show!

In Celebrity News - The popular singer Pink is fired up after seeing horses painted pink on a beach in Malibu. The horses were being used in a video shoot for Selena Gomez's new music video. After seeing the horses, Pink tweeted "If there are any animal activist around Malibu - at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video. Shame". Miss Gomez's camp stated that there was Humane Society Representative at the video shoot and the paint was safe and non-toxic for the horses. Read more and see the pink ponies Here!