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Thursday, April 28, 2011
Posted by Elizabeth

This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track, the natural way to a pain-free life. This week has lots of action across the country with dressage shows, but the spotlight is on Leipzig, Germany for the 2011 Remm Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Final and down under, Australia will host the 20th Sydney CDI ***. Totilas will delay his debut with new rider Matthias Rath due to a hoof injury. Sex and the City author injured in riding accident. Lusitano Festival will host fundraiser for Ride for Life and a Young Rider works with disabled children. The play "War Horse" is bring down the house in New York City and in Great Britain 9 lucky horses will play an important role in tomorrow's Royal Wedding.

There is a lot of action across the US this week as show season is picking up steam for the country. In the sunny south, the Florida season is still going strong with the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge III in West Palm Beach, FL and the GHF/Collecting Gaits Farm Dressage at the Horse Park Conyers, GA will take place. North Carolina has a couple of offerings this week as well with the Dressage At Fence in Tryon, NC and the Williamston Spring Dressage Williamston. Virginia has the VADA-CH Spring Dressage which will be held in Culpepper, VA. Dressagedaily reporters Kelly Sanchez and Kathy Beal in California will be sending articles and photos from the Del Mar National Dressage Show in Del Mar and the other shows in the region will be held at Dressage at CEC in Moorpark and Yarra Yarra Dressage May in Pleaston, CA. In the desert area we have the Region 7 Arabian Championship being held in Scottsdale, AZ and the SNC Spring Dressage Show in Carson City, NV. And Texas will hold the Houston Dressage Society, Inc. Spring Classic in Katy, TX. In other regions, two Arabian shows will be held - the Mason Dixon Arabian & Morgan Classic that is based in Quentin, PA and the other will take place in Mason, MI at the Michigan All Arabian Mason.

In international competition, the 2011 Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Final is underway in Leipzig Germany from April 27-May 1. For the first time the World Cup Finals in dressage, driving, jumping and vaulting will all be held in conjunction. A total of 81 finalist from 31 countries will converge on Germany making for some world class competition! Edward Gal, the 2010 World Cup title defender, will be trying for a repeat title with the half sister to his former mount Totilas, Sisther de Jeu. WIth so much top notch talent, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Follow coverage on DressageDaily.com[rep6]

Eurodressage.com reports that the highly anticipated debut of Totilas with new rider Matthias Rath has been cancelled due to a "hoof injury". while now healed, the injury caused a great deal of down time and this prevented the team from having the proper time to prepare for competition. Totilas is back in work and the whole team remains optimistic. If Rath hopes to capture a spot on the German team for the European Dressage Championships he will have to participate in the 2011 German Championships that will be held in June. Read More Here!

In Sydney, Australia the 20th Sydney CDI *** gets underway tomorrow through April 30th. The competition is the highest level international event in Australia and attracts riders from around the world including the USA, Great Britian, Germany, Denmark and many more. It is interesting but due to the strict quarantine restrictions all riders except for Australia dn New Zealand will be competing on borrowed horses. Read more about the event here!

The eyes of the World have been focused on Great Britain this week with the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton on April 29th. Everything has been meticulously planned and that includes the selection of which horses of the "Grey Escort" will lead the Royal Procession. Eleven horses have been selected for training but only nine will participate and the other 2 will be alternates to stand in if neccessary. Five horses will ride in front of the escot with four making up the rear of the escort. You can read more about the "Grey Escort" here.

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell suffered a fall off of her dressage horse when it started bucking and she had to make the choice to come off. Her pelvis was cracked in two places which required a two night hospital stay. While Bushnell was unable to walk for a few weeks, she is quoted saying "I am still getting back on the horse."

Alice Krasno, a member of the UK Under-21 Dressage Squad performed a Musical Freestyle for a group disabled kids at the Dummer branch of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). Alice has been a volunteer at the center for two years. To learn more about Hippotherapy and how it helps children with both physical and mental disabilities - click here.

"War Horse" is a piece of "theatrical magic" playing at New York's Lincoln Center that is receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The play was adapted from the bestselling 1982 novel by Michael Morpurgo and features a life-size, scene stealing horse puppet named Joey which was designed and fabricated by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones for South Africa's Handspring Puppet Co. The story is about the love between a boy and a horse. When Joey is sold to the Army as a war horse, Billy runs away to join the army to reunite with his horse and the story journey's through how they suffer through the horrors of war. It is a must see production where the "grown-up Joey and his friendly rival Topthorn, pierce the heart". Read More about the spectacular production!

Sons of the Wind School of Equestrain Art is hosting its 3rd annual Lusitano Festival - Pride of Portugal; The Lusitano - on June 4, 2011 but this year the Festival will be a fundraising event for PVDA Ride for Life. Ride for Life is a premier dressage show and breast cancer benefit and all proceeds fund quality of life and breast cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center. The Festival will have exhibitions of Lusitano horses, farm tours, presentations of the breed and so much more. Check it out!