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Friday, February 18, 2011
Posted by Lynndee

News Notes for February 17, 2011 - This week’s News Notes is brought to you by Back on Track. The competitive scene is out West this weekend with shows scheduled for Las Vegas, California and Arizona. And for those looking to mix sun, surf and dressage, the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago is the place to be. Tickets will soon be on sale for the 2012 London Olympics. South Africa’s Lipizzaner horses were the highlight of a feature this week. A Maryland study highlights the value of the horse industry to economic recovery.

There will be more than gambling going on in Las Vegas this weekend. The city will play host to the Las Vegas Dressage Winter Fling II. And next door in California, two shows will be taking place this weekend. In Somis is Dressage at El Sueno and in Pleasanton is the Denville-Kanani Farms Dressage.

Arizona is now in the midst of one of its most famous and largest horse shows – the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is being held at WestWorld and runs through February 27. The show is perhaps one of the most famous in the Arabian horse world and it attracts many of the breed’s top riders, trainers and horses. It’s geared not just toward horse enthusiasts but the general public and there is something for everyone. Arabians are one of the world’s oldest and most pure breeds, loved and respected for centuries in the Middle East. Their popularity has soared in the U.S. over the decades and an increasing number are being seen in dressage competition. You can read more about the Scottsdale show Here!

Visitors escaping the cold to the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago can catch some dressage action along with the sun and surf this weekend. T & T Equestrian Association in the nation is hosting the 31st Annual International Equestrian Federation World Dressage Challenge at Hidden Valley Stables in Santa Cruz. A total of 17 local riders, both junior and senior riders, are scheduled to participate. Riders are coming not only from Trinidad and Tobago but also from Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Haiti and the Cayman Islands.

The Seattle Times this past week ran a great feature that chronicled the history of South Africa’s great Lipizzaner stallions. The article notes that the African nation’s Lipizzaner center, located north of Johannesburg, is the only school outside of Austria that has an official affiliation with the prestigious Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The article tells the story of the center through the life of one of its great stallions, Favory Merlin, now 26 and retired. It has not been an easy life for the South African Lipizzaners. They lack the financial backing of their Austrian counterparts and two years ago were nearly evicted from their home. The school has survived on money raised through performances. You can read more Here!

The 2012 Olympics in London are coming up much faster than one might think and it’s expected that tickets to equestrian events will be rather hot items. Traveling to London is a bit easier for many equestrian fans than was travel to the Hong Kong Olympics. Equestrian events will run from July 28 through August 9. Tickets go on sale March 15 and will be on sale for six weeks. Buying first won’t help. The plan is to offer ticket sales for six weeks and then consider applications all in one lump. Where demand exceeds supply, an automated random selection process will be used. For more ticket information go Here!

Horses are expensive. But horse owners can take comfort in the fact that they are helping the U.S. economic recovery, at least in Maryland. CBS Baltimore reported this past week on a Maryland Equine Census that argues the horse industry is thriving in the state. The last census was in 2002 and while there are 7 percent fewer horses in the state, their value is up 10 percent. “The horse industry is thriving,” said Steuart Pittman, owner of Dodon Farm in Davidsonville and president of the Maryland Horse Council. “In exurban Maryland the industry is thriving because we have people with money in the county with children who want to ride horses… boarding is thriving while racing is not.” According to the article, the horse industry in Maryland has assets worth $5.6 billion with roughly $513 million spent in the past year. Read more Here!