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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero




This weekend it is California's turn to host the next top CDI-W where the best that the western side of the country will compete at the Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire in Del Mar, CA! Running concurently with the show will be the FEI/USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage Judge Course....busy weekend in Del Mar! While CDI-W qualifiers are the focus right now in the US, the CDIO Aachen is already coming to many peoples attention as the tickets for dressage are selling out fast! At the Palm Beach Dressage Derby the EAF/PBDD Fundraiser was held and it was a tremendous success! Check out who won the breeding to Totilas.{C} Looks like the equine Olympic athletes will be flying overseas using one of Americas best know shipping companies - FedEx! On a couple of fun notes - Horse and Hound has published definitions for many commonly used dressage terms and check out Shayne the retiree and see why he worth a look....


This weekend, the Dressage Affaire is hosting the next CDI-W in Del Mar, CA. Florida has the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge II in West Palm Beach as well as the Ocala Spring Dressage in Ocala. A few more states are starting to emerge from the winter doldrums - Georgia has the Poplar Place Farm March Dressage Show in Hampton, New Mexico has the Dances With Horses I and II in Albuquerque and Oregon will host the Spring Into Dressage in Boring. We welcome the warmer weather and more opprotunities for dressage enthusiast to get out and strut their stuff!

CDI action continues this coming weekend at the Del Mar Horse Park Equestrain Facility with the Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire CDI-W. The west coast best continue on their trek to qualify for the World Cup, 2012 London Olympic Games, Para Olympic Games and the National Dressage Championship! If all this is not enough great action the FEI/USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage Judge Course will run concurrently with the show. It is a weekend of great competition and promises to highlight some of the best horse/rider combinations on the west coast! Check out coverage here!

While lots of CDI action is being held this winter in Florida and California, with everyone trying for on a spot on the World Cup team or the Ultimate Prize - the London Olympic Team, it is hard to look into the future to the CDIO Aachen that takes place in June. But, if you don't look ahead NOW...there won't be a chance to to buy tickets. The 2012 Kur to Music was actually sold out last year and the rest of the days of dressage are selling out fast! The popularity of the dressage portion of the competition has continued to go year to year! Read more here at Eurodressage.com!

The Equestrian Aid Foundation/Palm Beach Dressage Derby Fundraiser was a huge success! While the final tally is not yet in - it is estimated that over $30,000 was raised from the equestrian community that turned out in large numbers to this exciting event! This year's auction items ranging from African Safaris to a breeding to World Champion Totilas were generously donated from people across the country as well as Europe to raise money that helps equestrians, horsemen and equine professionals who are suffering from catastrophic illnesses or injuries throughout their time of need. Read more here and see who got the winning bid on Totilas!

With the Olympic Games to be held in London, coordinating the trip for the equestrian athletes to Great Britian is a task that is best left to the professionals. While Tim Dutta is one of the top shippers of horses across the country as well as to other countries it seems he will be getting help from....FedEx! Yep, the ever reliable shpping company will likely be the ones to get the Olympic athletes safely to their destination. I know what some of you may be thinking and it is asked in the article - "Does FedEx charge by the pound?" Find out the answer to this and read about some of the logistics of this highly important task here!

A friend of mine - while not new to dressage - pointed out to me that even after some time spent in the sport of dressage - that the terminology that is so often used casually in lessons, lectures and articles can sometimes be lacking in a clear, easy to grasp definition. From what 'between the leg and hand' to 'longitudinal suppleness' means can be a little confusing, especially to people new (and not so new) to the sport. Horse and Hound has published a useful article that explains so many of the terms and phrases that are commonly used in dressage in a very clear and concise way so that people who have questions can easily reference for answers! Check it out here and keep a copy for a guide whenever you, or a friend, have questions!

This is so cool! In Brentwood, Essex - Shayne, a 15 hand gelding is enjoying a leisurly retirment at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary. What is so "cool" about a retired horse living out his "elder years" at a retirment facility...well this senior citizen is ....get this - 51! Even at his phenomenal age, Shayne enjoys a high quality life and still enjoys a canter around the field. What makes the story even more interesting - while Shayne is believed to be the oldest living horse in the world...oddly enough he lives in the same town as what is beleived to be the oldest canine - Pip, a 24-year-old terrier-whippet cross! What is in their water??