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Thursday, January 3, 2013
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero



Vote for Jonathan Wentz as the USEF 2012 Equestrian of the Year! (Photo:
Vote for Jonathan Wentz as the USEF 2012 Equestrian of the Year! (Photo:

As we start the new year looking forward to new beginnings, we do have a chance to honor someone from our past. Para equestrain Jonathan Wentz is up for the award of the USEF 2012 Equestrian of the Year along with his partner NTEC Richter Scale who is also nominated for Horse of the Year. Check out below how you can vote - January 7th is the deadline! Speaking of our past, Horse Junkies United has a comprehensive look back on dressage in 2012. Valegro has an enthusiastic fan trying to raise money to keep the horse with Charlotte Dujardin - but does his owners approve? Florida is getting cranked up and rolling for the 2013 winter circuit - check out a few of the goings on below. One of the greatest tradgedies of 2012 was the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 4 little horses are heading their way to do what they can to ease some of the pain....There are only two shows on the USDF calendar this coming weekend and both are in sunny Florida! We have the Twice as Nice Dressage I in Newberry, FL and the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge I in West Palm Beach, FL. The season will get rolling as more people arrive and settle into the winter circuit on both coast.


Hurry and vote for para-equestrain Jonathan Wentz to win the USEF 2012 Equestrian of the Year before January 7th! Jonathan's wonderful equine partner, NTEC Richter Scale, is also up for the honor of USEF 2012 Horse of the Year. The "dynamic duo" had a fabulous para-dressage career with the crown jewel being their trip to the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Jonathan was an inspiration, a team player and always put his horses first. Check out the full story here and be sure to go to the USEF website and vote for Jonathan and NTEC Richter Scale! Read the full story here!

Horse Junkies United has a fun write up of "Dressage - A Year in Review - Toto, Valegro, Ravel, LMFAO and Ra-fal-ca" reflecting on the ups and downs of dressage in 2012! Reading over the article, it was fun to look back at all the drama that surrounded our sport both in the US and internationally. The article is also full of fun videos of some of the best rides in 2012! Check it out here!

It seems that a zealous Valegro fan has started a Valegro Syndicate Page on Facebook that is trying to raise funds to help buy a 49% share of the superstar horse so that he may remain in Carl Hester's yard. That said, Eurodressage.com has an article reporting that neither Carlor Charlotte Dujardin have endorsed the page in any way. Carl told Eurodressage that "I wont endorse it. I hate that begging. (It) causes ill feeling." The page is gaining momentum but it is uncertain the legalities of such a daunting task. Read the full story here!
With all the Holiday buzz and hoopla behind us we can all settle into the New Year and look forward to the upcoming year. Florida is getting into full swing starting this month with many activities, training opprotunities as well as world class competitions! Some of the activities coming soon (but not limited to) - The Emerging Dressage Athlete Program’s Winter Intensive Training with the Robert Dover Intensive HorseMaster Program January 2-6. The White Fences Equestrian Center in Loxahatchee, Florida has announced its show line up of "relaxed" and "fun" competitions and the first ever Dressage Summit – including Christoph Hess, Walter Zettl, and Charles de Kunffy will take place in early February. I will try to mention more on the winter circuit as they come up!

While there is little good that can be associated with the tradegy that touched the community of New Town, CT and Sandy Hook Elementary School, 4 tiny horses are headed to the town to see if they can offer a little comfort to families, children and first responders. Other charities that are working with residents invited Gentle Carousel Minature Therapy Horses to join in the effort. The horses frequently work with at-risk children, schools, hospitals. We wish all the best to everyone that is dealing with the loss of the so many people in the New Town tradegy. Read the story here.