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Thursday, October 4, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero

Jonathan Wentz and 2012 London Paralympic partner NTEC Richter Scale (Photo: Lindsay McCall)
Jonathan Wentz and 2012 London Paralympic partner NTEC Richter Scale (Photo: Lindsay McCall)

This week's News Notes for October 1-5, 2012 is brought to you by Back on Track! The equestrian world lost one of its most inspirational members when Jonathan Wentz passed away at 21 years old from unknown causes - there will be a celebration of his life this Saturday, October 6th in Dallas, TX. Dressage at Devon is over and it was again a super run show that lives up to it reputation as one of the best shows in the US. The FEI World Cup series will have a continued sponsorship with respected New York designer Reem Acra through 2016. A lot of people get summer vacations but did you know the stallions from the Spanish Riding School do too! International rider Patrik Kittel has parted from former sponsors Edwin and Arlette Jasper-Kohl. Check out who gets the ride on the spectacular Donna Unique! Want that dream farm and WOrld Class horses? SO did a small town comptroller and she needed 53 million of taxpayer dollars to do it!

The end of the 2012 competition season is near the end and this weekend's show schedule is highlightes with three Regional Championships across the country.  The championships span from the East to the West with the GAIG/USDF Region Three Championships in Fairburn, GA, the GAIG/USDF Region 5 Dressage Championships in Heber City, UT and the GAIG/USDF Region 7 Championships/CDS Championships in Rancho Murieta, CA. Even with the cooler weather headed our way, there are still a small handfull of competitions elsewhere in the country. In North Carolina we have the Border Line Dressage in Tryon, Wisconsin will have the Sorensen Park Dressage & Sport Horse October I in East Troy, Iowa has the Autumn Dressage I and II at Maffitt Lake in Cumming and Texas rounds out this weekend with the GSEC Platinum Classic I and II in Katy.

The dressage equestrian community has suffered a great loss when Para-Equestrian Jonathan Wentz passed away at the young age of 21. Jonathan was a dedicated and inspirational equestrian who showed that despite the odds that are "against" you sometimes in life, it is your determination and dreams that can drive you to achieve great things. When Jonathan began riding he had a goal of none other than the 2012 London Paralympic Games and reach that goal he did! After moving to Texas in 2008, Jonathan met Kai Handt and began his rise to the Games. A celebration of Jonathan's life will be held October 6, 2012 at Grace Bible Church in Dallas, TX. To get all the details and read much more about Jonathan - visit

Dressage at Devon is a wrap and it was once again another great success! The coveted Saturday night Freestyle was won by Canadian Jacqueline Brooks and her gray gelding D-Niro rose to the top of the class. She was of course thrilled with the win praising her partner when she stated “He came back from London a different horse,” she said. “I barely had to ride him. I just had to sit there and thank him.” Complete coverage of both the Breed and Performance Divisions, as well as results are available at

The FEI has announced that Reem Acra, the renowned New York based fashion designer, has extending her title sponsorship of the FEI World Cup™ Dressage Western European League and Final until 2016. Reem Acra stated that she continues to sponsor the series "because I love the sport and I love horses,” and “It has proved to be a perfect match for the Reem Acra brand. The elegance of dressage reflects the passion and creativity that inspire my own designs.” The World Cup series sponsorship will extend to the Western European league and the FEI World Cup final. Read More Here

Did you know that the magnificent Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School get to go on Summer Vacation? Yes indeed! During the hot summer months of July and August, the stallions move to the Heldenberg facility where they have large stalls, paddocks and places to ride out in the woods. In addition to the young stallions starting their training, the actual mature stallions used in the perfomances at the School are brought to Heldenberg to keep fit but most importantly the minds fresh and happy! Read more at! reports that Patrik Kittel and Edwin and Arlette Jasper-Kohl have come to a mutal decision to end their relationship and go their seperate ways. With Patrik's success came a growing business of his own and it became impossible to manage two high level competition stables. The up and coming superstar mare Donna Unique (by Don Schufro x Falkland) will now be ridden by Ulla Salzgeber. The mare was rumored to have been purchased for 4 million euro. Salzgeber has taken over the reins after deciding to give her current Grand Prix horse Herzruf's Erbe a one year break. Read the full story here!

The Horse Channel has a nice piece on one lady's way on affording her expensive horsey habit. While most of us forgo expensive items and luxuries such as vacations, Rita Crundwell came up with a more creative and nbeievable way to achieve her dream - she simply embezzeled 53 MILLION (yes, million!) dollars from a small Illinios town of Dixon. Crudwell spent the money on a World class facility where she raised and showed WOrld Champion AQHA horses. While it was fun while it lasted the 22 years (yes, years!) someone finally noticed a descrepancy on a bank statement. Funny how no one noticed that a comptroller from a small town had over 300 horses and a lavish place to put them. Read the full story here, but don't get any ideas! :-)

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