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Thursday, March 28, 2013
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero




The REEM Acra FEI World Cup Final is shaping up as the April date draws nearer. After Tina Konyot was unable to obtain her second required qualifying score David Marcus emerged as the winner of the North American League but declined the invitation to attend. The Western European League has been heating up with top competition being seperated by only a single point! The new USEF protective headgear rule goes into full effect on April 1st - so be sure to check out how this new rule might effect you. America's darling racing mare Rachael Alexander has come home after a 6 week recovery after complications of giving birth to her second foal. Everyone in the horse business should check out the article about a horse breeder vs the IRS and how it may pertain to your business. Check out a CBS news story about how a San Diego Animal Rescue League trains for an emergency. On a somewhat sad note - after a super long and wonderful life what is to be believed as the world's oldest living horse has lost his battle to old age....California's weather looks picture perfect as a host of top horse/rider combinations will compete at the Festival of the Horse CDI3* in San Juan Capistrano. Elsewhere out west, we have the Greenville Equestrian Center Dressage in Livermore, CA and the ADA Spring Celebration in Scottsdale, AZ. In the mid west Lake Erie College will host the Lake Erie Dressage Prix de Ville in Concord Twp. Heading south - North Carolina has the Bloomin' Dressage in Tryon. The popular Heidelburg Cup I and II will take place in Apopka and Wellington has the Dressage National 4.


The REEM Acra FEI World Cup Final continues to take shape with competitions wrapping up and the picture becoming clear as to who will make up the roster. American Tina Konyot was unable to get the neccessary second qualifying score due to a cut to her knee. David Marcus emerged on top of the North American League Final but has declined the invitation to attend. Shelly Francis of the United States was the first reserve on Doktor but also has choosen not to attend the final. Read more here and find out who will represent North America!

In the Western European League Germany's Kristina Sprehe and her Hanoverian licensed stallion Desperados topped the list but barely! Italy's Valentina Truppa finished a slim 1 point off the leader with her Eremo del Castegno. It is exciting with the new life that these exciting riders from the next generation have brought to dressage. Needless to say both ladies are very excited to be headed to Gothenburg, Sweden for a shot at the World Cup Title! Check out the complete story at Eurodressage.com

Don't forget - Protective Headgear Update! The United States Equestrian Federation would like to remind you that beginning April 1, 2013 the rule change to DR120 goes into effect which "necessitates the usage of protective headgear by anyone mounted on the grounds at all USEF dressage competitions". Check out that this means and who this covers here!

Yeah! The incredible racing mare Rachael Alexander got to come home after 6 weeks at Rood and Riddle equine hospital in Lexington, KY after undergoing surgery after foaling. It was with much anticipation of her owners and fans that she was able to come home even thought that transition carries a potential stress in itself. Read more about Rachael's homecoming!

Horse Breeding seems to be on the IRS' radar when it comes to the hobby loss rules. Forbes online did an article on a case where a tax accountant took up breeding horses and had a run in with the IRS. Everyone that breeds should read this article as the author goes through so key points of how the case went down giving insight into how to better protect yourself if the IRS comes knocking! Read more about this very informative article here!

Check out this story from CBS8.com about a group of people that form the Animal Rescue Reserve, a unit that is part of the San Diego Humane Society. The story shows/tells about the how the unit trains to rescue horses that have become trapped due to floods, fire, etc. Check out the simulated horse that they use to practice!

It is sad to report the passing of what was believed to be the World's oldest living horse - Shayne. Shayne was humanley euthanized after he collapsed at the farm where he resided  - the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Great Britain - at the age of 51! Talk about a horse that lived a full long life! Check out more here and see more info on who holds the record for the all time oldest horse.