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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Posted by Elizabeth Ruggiero




Let me start this week by asking you to please take some time and vote to help Tara Celentano win a badly needed wheelchair accessable van - the deadline for votes is May 13th! It is truly refreshing to see not one or two brilliant horses dominating the international competitions, but a pool of truly gifted horse/rider combinations all capable of beating each other on any given day. Speaking to this thought, the British Grand Prix record was broken this past week when Carl Hester and Uthopia roared back on the scene at the CDN Addington! The London Games looms and there are still more tickets to be released - find out how they will be distributed. The Dressage FOundation announced their 100th member to the Century Club. Be sure to check out the video of "Horses Behind Bars" to see how horses and prisoners are helping each other....Once again, shows abound across the US! California leads the nation in the number of shows with the CHR May Days Dressage in Ramona, the Summer Dressage I in Somis and the GEAHS Spring Open Dressage in Bakersfield. Elsewhere on the west coast we have the Heart of the Valley Dressage in Sherwood, OR and the Donida Farm Dressage and Derby #1 and #2 in Auburn, WA. Working our way across the country we have the Rocky Mountain Dressage I and II in Longmont, CO and into middle America we have the Silverwood Dressage May I in Camp Lake, WI, the Starr Vaughn Dressage I in Elk Grove, IL and the Memphis in Springtime I in Hernando, MS. In the northeast the NEDA Spring Dressage in Marshfield, MA and the Fidler Run Farm Dressage I in Woodbine, NJ. The south rounds out this week's list with the Dressage in the Sandhills in Pinehurst, NC, Canterbury May Days Qualifier in Newberry, FL and Dallas Dressage Club Spring I and II in Irvine, TX.


Wow another dressage record broken and this time by Carl Hester and his Metall stallion, Uthopia ruled the record book! The pair competed at the CDN Addington where they broke the Grand Prix record for Great Britain with a 83.29%! The previous record was held by Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Horjris from the CDI-W in London. This record came after fellow Brit and Carl's student Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro shattered the Grand Prix Special in Hagen! Check out the full story at Eurodressage!

The 2012 London Olympic Games quickly approaches and while two rounds of tickets sales have gone by....the third approtunity is at hand. If you were in the first two rounds of ticket sales but did not come away with seats, more will be released beginning May 13. If you were not part of the original ballot see how the rest of the ticket sales will be going down for the rest of the seats of the Games. There will even be a select few events that will be free to the general public. Check out how the rest of the tickets will be released!

Don't forget there is still time to help Equestrian Aid Foundation member Tara Celentano by voting to help her win a wheelchair accessable van that would enable her to become more mobile and stay more actively involved in the equestrian community! Please check out the story on how your vote can make the difference!

The Dressage Foundation announced its 100th member to the Century Club on May 5, 2012! The Century Club is a club to encourage older riders to stay active and it is acheived by the ages of the horse and rider equaling at least 100 years and the team must perform a dressage test at a show. The 100th member, Alma Perkins (79) and her horse, Charisma (26) performed a First Level Musical Freestyle where friends, family, and supported from the Tri-State Dressage Society were rooting for her! Check them out!
Just who is helping who is the heartwarming thought I had as I watched a CBS News Video titled "Horses Behind Bars". The program the video highlights is run through a correctional facility where inmates work at a farm with Thoroughbred rescues and retirees. The story follows one man and how the horses have changed not only his head but his heart too - he even goes as far to say they have changed him and how is "ashamed" of the person he once was. It is so amazing to see how horses touch so many people even those thought to be "lost". Check out the video here!