Dressage Judge Janet Foy Running for Vice President of USDF

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Posted by bossmare

The popular and active member of the United States Dressage community USEF and FEI 4* Dressage judge Janet Foy has thrown her hat in the ring to run for Vice President of USDF. With the USDF Convention underway in Jacksonville, Florida, Janet has packed her bags and campaign buttons and is on her way. Foy, who resides in Colorado, has been an active member on both the USDF Board of Directors as well at serving as the Region Five Director, the only candidate who has had that level of experience. As a judge and clinician Foy has spends her time travelling throughout the United States having the unique ability to be able to communicate directly with so many of the members, competitors and breeders throughout the country.


The likable lady has always been easily accessible as well a good communicator and has expressed her agenda clearly. “I want to bring better communication between the General Member Organization and the Board of Directors.” Foy expressed. With a plan to bring on-line education opportunities to the USDF and more benefits the Adult Amateur group, Foy has also expressed her desire to join forces with President High Performance rider and dressage trainer George Williams to bring the organization to new heights.

“I would like to also bring a 'mentor' system to USDF, from judges to trainers, to show managers to GMO's.” added Foy. This will allow the 'successful' members to help coach and mentor those who need help and guidance.”


Janet Foy can be reached via e-mail - dressagejanet@att.net and found on Facebook