The Dressage Foundation - Giving a Little Can Help a Lot!

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Posted by Jenny Johnson


Unbelievably, the holidays are rapidly approaching and the season of giving is upon us.  Just the other day, my 7-year-old daughter gave me an important reminder about helping other people. I don't recall how the conversation got started, but she simply told me that "even giving a little bit can help a lot." It shocked me that such a young child could grasp the concept that every amount is important and can make a difference. But I get to see it every day here at the The Dressage Foundation offices. Our donors give at all levels, and each and every gift is working to help the dressage community! It is an amazing thing!
So as you're considering your year-end donations in the coming weeks, we hope that you'll remember the good that our donors do for the dressage community and consider a contribution to TDF. Visit our website to make a quick, secure, online donation. Or call (402) 434-8585.