The Dressage Foundation Charts New Course - Following Year Long Vision Project

Tuesday, January 8, 2002
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The results of a yearlong Vision Project have just been released, and are available from The Dressage Foundation. The Dressage Foundation and the United States Dressage Federation jointly conducted the study. George Williams, USDF Vice President and John Boomer, President and CEO of The Dressage Foundation conducted in-depth telephone conversations with 28 Dressage leaders throughout 2001, to find out their dreams, vision and ideas for enhancing the sport in this new century.

Vision Project's Impact on the Dressage Foundation
"As George Williams and I conducted these important phone conversations with Dressage leaders, I was struck by one thing - their dreams will take BIG MONEY, " said John Boomer. "As a result, we have re-oriented the direction of The Dressage Foundation," Boomer said. The National Board of Directors of The Dressage Foundation approved a new Strategic Plan at its annual Board meeting in Orlando on November 28, 2001. Jonathan Burton, Major General US Army, Retired, and Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Directors calls the Vision Project "one heck of a wish list." Boomer's presentation to the Board calls for the Foundation to enter an accelerated phase of asset building so that major grants can eventually be made to equestrian organizations to turn the Vision Project dreams into action. The Dressage Foundation will strive to become solely a grant making body for the sport, operating with small staff, no fixed assets such as buildings or facilities - just investment assets from which sizable grants can be made to help the sport. Much of The Dressage Foundation's work will be out-sourced to its non-staff attorneys, accountants, auditors, investment bankers, web master, graphic design and printing services. "The Dressage Foundation's 29 member National Board of Directors will decide who gets the major grants," said Boomer, "and there is not a more knowledgeable group in the business to make such decisions."

To obtain a copy of the Vision Project Report, send $5 (to cover printing, handling and postage) to The Dressage Foundation, 130 North 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508. The Vision Project is also posted on The Dressage Foundation's web site - www.dressagefoundation.org, where you can download the Report without charge.