The Dressage Foundation Announce Trip Harting Fund for Pony Clubbers

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Dressage Foundation is pleased to announce the formation of the Trip Harting Fund. The Trip Harting Fund was established through The Dressage Foundation to award a scholarship for a Pony Club A or B members.  This scholarship is to help a young person pursue their education in dressage; the award will honor Trip's lifetime commitment to youth in dressage and his love of Pony Club. Trip Harting was one of the leading judges in the world of dressage horse riding and formally one of the top ten horse riders in the world. He passed away on August 21, 2008,  in Los Angeles, CA, at age 62. Trip was a beloved judge and competitor and clinician; always going out of his way to help anyone who needed encouragement. As the head coach for the U.S.Pony Club Trip had a special fondness for helping young riders.

The Trip Harting Fund is asking donations from anyone who would like to help keep Trip's dream for young riders alive. Donations are appreciated in all sizes: small, medium and large; every gift is important.  If all the people Trip touched through his years of judging, teaching and giving clinics could donate even $25 or whatever was in their budget, his fund would achieve his goal: assisting deserving Pony Club member(s) on a yearly basis.  

You can read more specifics about the fund and Trip's accomplishments by accessing The Dressage Foundation website.

As one of his last students and one of the founders of the Trip Harting Fund, Lori Lauver D.V.M. said, "Trip always spoke to me about promoting youth in the sport and making freestyles more contemporary and interesting for young people.  Our sport will miss him greatly but his memory can live on through his fund."

This is a tax-deductible donation:  Please make the check payable to The Dressage Foundation and note Trip Harting Fund on the check and mail to:
The Dressage Foundation
Wells Fargo Center, Suite 732
1248 O Street
Lincoln, NE  68508

For more information, please contact the Dressage Foundation,
or Lori Lauver, D.V.M.

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