Dressage at Equestrian Estates, Loxahatchee, Florida

Sunday, April 1, 2007
Posted by bossmare

Rainier Returns

While the tight test in the west goes on for the top three positions in the US League Finals to compete in the Las Vegas World Cup, Dressage in Florida resumed this weekend at Dressage at Equestrian Estates. The Olympic veteran, Jane Clark’s Rainier returned to the arena and aced the High Performance Grand Prix class with a 68.125%, not bad for his first time in the ring in two years. “Catherine just wanted to see if “Reindeer” wanted to do this again, and it looks like he does.” said Catherine Bateson-Chandler’s husband Carl, as he picked up her test and ribbon at the show office.

Robert Dover’s 2004 Olympic ride has now been passed on to his longtime assistant and protégé, Catherine Bateson-Chandler, who was Rainier's trusted groom during the 2004 Games. After a long absence from competition the 16-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Rolando was a happy boy going through the paces, just missing one change in the tempi’s but performing the piaffe/passage tour in his legendary steady style. Will the duo aim for Gladstone in June for the Grand Prix Championships at the USEF Festival of Champions? We will have to wait and see, but it’s likely if they hold their standings. Dover moves his training operation to New Jersey after the Florida season.

Grand Prix - USEF HP Qualifying
(H) Lamping "S", (C) Yukins "S", (B) Gurney "S"

  • 1/Katherine Bateson-Chandler/ Rainier/ 68.125%
  • 2/ Susan Dutta/ Gumshoes DC/ 66.042%
  • 3 /Betsy Rebar Sell/ Wonderful Walden/ 65.903%
  • 4/ Timothy F. Malin/ Harmony's Coolio/ 63.403%
  • 5/ Elisabeth Austin/ Olivier/ 62.847%
  • 6/ Susan Jaccoma/ Jellowa/ 58.750%

Lynn Leath Learns From Her Trainer’s Top Horse

Tied for first place in the Intermediaire I Open division with a 72% along with Cheri Reiber was Lynn Leath and her 8-year-old Hannoverian gelding by Del Piero. Leath who owns North Star Training Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, comes to Florida each winter to work with her long time trainer a close friend Cathy Morelli. Morelli, who is recuperating from recent surgery, was busy coaching this weekend. Leath credits her recent progress to Bese, Morelli’s grand prix mount, who she has been riding since Morelli’s surgery March 20th. “He gave me a whole new dimension on what it all feels like.” said Leath. “It really felt like a breakthrough in my training.”

“Cathy Morelli's training system has added an indispensable depth to my riding and teaching.”The System" has taught me, how to think "out of the box “(frame) and how to separate the aids so that I no longer drive a horse into a "fixed " hand.” Leath explains on her website.

Morelli, who opted for surgery when her breast cancer returned, is excited to report that it was a total success, and rode Bese yesterday for the first time doing some passage work. Look for Morelli at Gladstone in June, as the long time USET Team veteran and neighbor have competed in more competitions at the famed USET headquarters than any other rider.

Intermediaire I - Open, GAIG, BLM
(C) Curtis "S",

  • 1/ Lynn Leath/ D'Artagnan/ 72.000%
  • 1/ Cherri Reiber/ Faraon 31/ 72.000%
  • 3/ Kayta Tracey/ DJ/ 68.250%
  • 4/ Lynda Alicki/ Kasper/ 64.750%
  • 5/ Patty Ray/ Glarus/ 62.750%
  • 6/ Heidi Degele/ Ramiros/ 59.750%
  • Robert Wilson/ Bhimadevi/ 50.500%

Sader-Larson and Legretto 04 Clinch Another Grand Prix Win

The Grand Prix Open division was topped by Alison Sader Larson and Legretto 04, with a 65%. Sader-Larson had her two main men in town this weekend husband Ken, and dad, Henry to cheer her on as she and her students put the finishing touches on a successful season.

Sader-Larson has reaped the benefits from her winters in Florida, having trained Legretto 04 a 10 year old Hanoverian by Laptop to grand prix. Sader-Larson, who rides with the support of The Medal Equestrian Foundation, and her husband Ken Larson a veterinarian are building their own facility in Maple Lake, Minnesota.

PRE Stallion Idilio Works His Way Up in the Grand Prix

Second in the Grand Prix Open was Hampton Green Farms’s PRE Stallion Idilio, ridden by Pati Pierucci. The gorgeous 12-year-old Pura Raza Espanola by Orgulloso XXIII, and Pierucci have been training this winter with German Team veteran Martin Schaudt who has been spending considerable time working with the popular breed. Idilio’s big moving trot work and passage/piaffe tour earned the pair a 63%. Hampton Green Farm’s owner Kim Boyer was thrilled with their progress, and is looking forward to their upcoming clinic with famed Spanish dressage team rider Raphael Soto, April 10-11.

By the way, one of Wellington’s best kept secrets (well no more now that we mentioned it on DressageDaily) are Hampton Green’s private luncheons provided by Kim’s husband Frederick a fabulous French chef. After selling their Wellington restaurant to Tavern on the Green this past summer, Frederick prepares a daily luncheon at their beautiful facility, by reservation only.

Grand Prix - Open, GAIG, BLM
(C) Heath "S",

  • 1/ Alison Sader Larson/ Legretto 04/ 65.000%
  • 2/ Pati Pierucci/ Idilio/ 63.958%
  • 3/ Lauren Sprieser/ Bellinger/ 62.708%
  • 4 /Holger Bechtloff/ Red Nex L/ 62.083%
  • 5/ Gary Lane/ Focus/ 61.250%
  • 6/ Milo Mott/ Marquis/ 58.333%
  • Katarina Antens-Miller/ LA Baltic Sunrise/ 56.250%
  • Jean Thornton/ Conversano II Aloha II/ 55.208%
  • Tosha Zubrisky/ Gunter/ 53.750%

YR Roffman and Bulgari Gain Ground - Lavell and Dutta Repeat Placings in Intermediaire I

In the Young Rider division Caroline Roffman and Bulgari 5 are back in winning form, acing the FEI Young Rider Prix St Georges test with a 69.375, and Junior Young Rider Katie Foster and Sacramento topping the Junior Team Test with a 68.667.

Junior Team Test - JR, GAIG, BLM
(H) Lamping "S", (C) Yukins "S", (B) Gurney "S"

  • 1/ Katie Foster/ Sacramento/ 68.667%
  • 2/ Lora Kay Witterstaeter/ Weltkaar/ 62.250%
  • 3 Julia Warstler/ Integrity/ 61.000%

FEI Young Rider Prix St Georges
(C) Heath "S", (B) Curtis "S"

  • 1/ Caroline Roffman/ Bulgari 5/ 69.375%
  • 2/ Jocelyn Wiese/ Lamborghini/ 68.000%
  • 3/ Hannah Holland Shook/ Cape Town/ 67.750%
  • 4/ Devon Kane/ Douwe/ 67.375%
  • 5/ Katie Alms/ Roodepoort II/ 65.125%
  • 6/ Ana Di Gironimo/ Cadanz/ 61.250%
  • 7/ Julie McKean/ Heslegaard's Stravinsky/ 60.875%

In the HP Intermediaire I Lavell and Much Ado nailed their test with a 72.917%, with Dutta and Pik L placing second with a 69.333 and Sue Jaccoma and Wadamur a close third at 69.333. The division is part of the all important qualifying procedure for the PSG/I1 Championships, and Selection Trials for the Pan American Games.

Intermediaire I - USEF HP Qualifying
(H) Lamping "S", (C) Yukins "S", (B) Gurney "S"

  • 1/ Carol Lavell/ Much Ado/ 72.917%
  • 2/ Susan Dutta/ Pik L/ 69.333%
  • 3/ Susan Jaccoma/ Wadamur/ 69.167%
  • 4/ Heather Bender/ Winwood/ 68.583%
  • 5/ Lauren Sammis/ Sagacious HF/ 68.167%
  • 6/ Susan Jaccoma/ Donatella/ 68.083%
  • Shelly Francis/ Dominion/ 67.833%
  • Silke Rembacz/ Millennium/ 66.417%
  • Lisa Payne-Hyslop/ Rolling Stone/ 65.833%
  • Silke Rembacz/ Oscar/ 64.667%
  • Lauren Sprieser/ Clairvoya/ 64.500%
  • Susan Springsteen/ Fanale/ 64.333%
  • Susan Jaccoma/ Harmony's Weissmuller/ 64.333%
  • Christopher Hickey/ Werbellin/ 64.167%
  • Patricia Becker/ Sandor/ 63.917%
  • Bill Warren/ Romantic/ 63.750%
  • Heather Bender/ Sargon Interagro/ 62.667%
  • Anna Wood/ Novarredo/ 62.167%
  • Lisa Payne-Hyslop/ Jordan/ 61.250%
  • Theresa Siess/ Grande Celeste/ 60.417%
  • Laine W. Hills, D.V.M./ Hertog/ 59.000%
  • Simone Williams/ Wunder Ein/ 58.750%
  • Kristy Truebenbach Lund/ Fabio/ 58.417%
  • Elizabeth Armstrong-Powers/ Parsifal/ 56.333%
  • Nancy Later/ Wasmut/ 52.667%

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Dressage at Equestrian Estates continues Sunday with the Freestyle classes, under perfect conditions. The warm dry weather and clear blue skies are the icing on the cake adding to the amenities provided by Walter and Mary Ann McPhail’s Equestrian Estates in Loxahatchee, Florida. Located in the dressage community of White Fences, the area is the only real estate wonder of its kind in the United States, with multiple properties, lush in tropical foliage, and the comradery of a community dedicated to dressage.

Show manager Evelyn O’Sullivan and her team of volunteers and staff provide the finest amenities for competitors, judges, and spectators. A full line up of vendors are offering amazing end of the season sales and specials in the trade fair.