Dressage at Devon Day 6: Freestyle, Juniors and Much More Conclude the Final Day of the 2012 Dressage at Devon

Monday, October 1, 2012
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Canadian Alexandra Reid and her mount V.I.P (Rousseau x Nastrade) swept the Young Rider classes this year. (Photo: Hoof Print Images)
Canadian Alexandra Reid and her mount V.I.P (Rousseau x Nastrade) swept the Young Rider classes this year. (Photo: Hoof Print Images)
Much of the concluding day at Dressage at Devon was composed of Freestyle classes – from the FEI Junior Freestyle to the FEI Intermediare Freestyle CDI W. The afternoon also featured the FEI Olympic Grand Prix Special CDI-W. There was penty of up and coming talent! Alexandra Reid, a 20 year-old Canadian, and her mount V.I.P (Rousseau x Nastrade) swept the Young Rider classes this year with winning scores for the FEI Young Rider Individual Test, Team Test and today’s Freestyle Test. The pair reached to the seventies for all 3 tests — 70.053, 70.482 and 73.95 respectively. Alexandra grew up in the countryside of Erin, Ontario. Since all her friends had ponies, becoming involved with riding was only natural. She began taking lessons when she was 7 and begged for a pony. When she was 12, her dream came true in the form of a pony that taught her to ride better because she says, “I fell off every day.” After eventing for a few years, she moved into dressage which, as a self-described perfectionist, is an ideal fit for her personality. “Yes, I’ve been here before,” she says about Dressage at Devon, “but last year I was just grooming. It’s inspiring to compete in the Dixon Oval.” This winter she plans to compete in the Florida circuit.

Fifteen-year old Columbian rider Nicholas Torres and his Swedish Warmblood gelding, Silver Label (Rambo x Nicco), took home the blue ribbon for the FEI Junior Freestyle NAJYRC, impressing the judges enough to score 71.575. Cesar Parra, who trains Torres says, “He’s very dedicated to everything he does. He gets straight A’s and he’s a talented young rider.” When asked what Torres aspires to, Parra says simply, “the Olympics.”

Barbara (Bebe) Davis, a 14-year, and her pony, Poldy 10, a 14.1 chestnut, rode into first place in the FEI Pony Individual Test CDN. Bebe started taking riding lessons when she was just 4 years old. She began focusing on dressage five years ago. She is already in her second year riding at Devon and says, “I love Devon.  It’s the best show; the environment is so historic and picturesque. And now with the new footing it’s perfect.” She will also be competing in Florida this winter. 

The final class of the day, the FEI Intermediaire 1 Freestyle Open CDIW USEF HP GA was won by Chris Hickey aboard Witness Hilltop (Hamlet x Francis) with a score of  73.775%.

2012 Wraps Up

Witness Hiltop and Christopher Hickey (Photo: Hoof Print Image)
Witness Hiltop and Christopher Hickey (Photo: Hoof Print Image)
For those of you who are familiar with Dressage at Devon, rain is too often a part of the scenery. This year was different with only short patches of rain and mostly brilliant sunshine showing off coppery chestnuts, silvery grays and bays of all hues. We can only hope that it is the beginning of a new trend.

Regardless of the weather, the quality of riders and their horses was impressive. Guy McLean, along with Hope, Spinabbey, Sequel, and Pride delighted all attendees – equestrians and non-equestrians alike, as did the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA) Quadrille “Quad Squad” with their “Think Pink” performance.

And, of course, it is the riders and their horses, trainers, grooms, handlers and everyone else involved in the care, training and performances who make Dressage at Devon one of the world’s premier Dressage Shows.

Rain or shine, thanks to talented competitors and their horses, hundreds of volunteers, all the sponsors, and the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, Dressage at Devon 2012 was a huge success!