Dressage at Devon Announces Individual Breed Class Line-up

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Devon, PA – Dressage at Devon is the host of the largest open breed show in the world. This year, the Individual Breed classes (IBC) have been moved to the first day of the show, Tuesday September 25 instead of Thursday.

This change will allow for a more relaxed time schedule and also will give the IBC horses a chance to warm-up in a less congested area.

Entry Deadline is September 10 - The 2018 Show will take place September 25-30. For more information, dressageatdevon.org.

Want to see your favorite breed in the Parade of Breeds? There's still time! Contact Melanie Sloyer, Chairman of the Breed Show for more details.

Entries close September 10.
Dressage at Devon 2018 Breed Show Entry Form

Dressage at Devon 2018 Breed Classes Class
130 - ISR-Oldenburg Class
131 - Hanoverian Class
132.A - Norwegian Fjord Horse Class
132.B - A Norwegian Fjord Horse Class
133 - Oldenburg (GOV) Class
134 - Highland Pony Class
135 - Purebred Arabian Class
136 - Half Arabian Class
137 - Dales Pony Class
138 - Irish Draught Class
139 - Haflinger Class
140 - Lusitano Class
141 - PRE Class
143 - Iberian Class
144 - Thoroughbred Class
145 - Freisian Class
146 - Morgan Class
147 - American Saddlebred Class
148 - KWPN Class
149 - Weser Em Class
150 - Shagya Arabian Class
151 - Akhal-Teke Class
152 - Westfalen Class
153 - German Riding Pony/Westfalen. Class
154 - Connemara Class
155 - Half Connemara


The IBC classes will be followed by the popular Parade of Breeds in the Dixon Oval as well as a Wine and Cheese party, sponsored by Stoltzfus Feed and Supply and Buckeye Nutrition.

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