Dressage Competitor, Susan Dutta, Added as Featured Rider for Thin Line Inc

Thursday, February 21, 2008

International dressage competitor, Susan Dutta has recently been added as a Featured Rider by ThinLine, Inc, makers of the revolutionary ThinLine saddle pads and riding accessories. Dutta is well known competitor FEI arena where she has been competing for over a decade. Dutta has represented the United States on multiple occasions. In 2006, she and Oldenberg gelding Currency DC were selected to compete in the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championship for Young Horses in Dressage in Verden, Germany. Last year, Dutta and the Hanoverian stallion Pik L were the reserve members of the 2007 USET Pan Am Team. For their efforts, the pair brought home a gold medal. “The ThinLine product line is truly innovative”, said Dutta, “The fit, the anti fungal materials and shock absorption is unparalleled

ThinLine’s most well known product is their pads that are placed under the saddle for shock absorbing comfort and support, without being bulky. ThinLine saddle pads are also exceptional breathability. They are a performance product for both horse and rider: riders seats are stabilized allowing for more effective aids, horses become rounder, more supple and more relaxed. They aid in saddle fit and are an exceptional no slip pad.

The majority of ThinLine’s products are designed to help the horse as well as the rider. The unique ThinLine technology is a non-compression based open-cell foam. This foam moves shock, weight and heat laterally along the pad, boot or girth. When warmed to body temperature through exercise, the ThinLine products conform to the horse’s body. When the equipment is removed from the horse and returns to normal temperature, the ThinLine products regain their original shape, allowing a custom fit for every horse every day.

Dutta, whose training operation is based in Wellington, Florida, says that the quality of these products is one of many benefits of the ThinLine saddle pads. After her experience with the ThinLine saddle pads, Dutta became interested in the entire product line and developed the sponsorship arrangement with ThinLine to help spread the word to fellow competitors and riders.
For more information on the complete line of ThinLine products, visit thinlineinc.com or call 1-888-401-910.