Dressage Canada Launches Search for Technical Leader

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ottawa, ON—Dressage Canada and Equine Canada have launched a search for a dressage Technical Leader. This position is part of a high performance program developed to assist not only in identifying talented athletes (both human and equine), but also in creating a system to support and compliment their training and competitive goals. Dressage Canada and Equine Canada gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Own the Podium (OTP), a national sport technical initiative designed to help Canada’s summer and winter athletes achieve podium success at the Olympic Games.
Dressage Canada will accept applications for this position up to January 15, 2010. Please send applications to the attention of Christine Peters, Manager Dressage at the Equine Canada office 2685 Queensview Dr., Suite 100, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2, Fax: 613-248-3484 or e-mail: cpeters@equinecanada.ca.

The Dressage Canada Own the Podium (OTP) Hiring Committee will review the applications and determine which applicants should be interviewed based on their fulfillment of the position requirements. Interviews will be scheduled after January 15, 2010, and will be conducted jointly by the chair of the OTP Hiring Committee; members of the OTP and Christine Peters, Manager Dressage.

At the conclusion of the interview process the Dressage Canada Athlete Council will have an opportunity to comment and put forward their recommendations on the candidate interviewed. Compensation details will be discussed with applicants during the interview process. Compensation will be commensurate with an applicant’s experience and accomplishments.

For details about the position and/or the application process, please contact Christine Peters at cpeters@equinecanada.ca.

About Dressage Canada
Dressage Canada, as a committee of Equine Canada, is the National governing body for Dressage in Canada. Dressage Canada's objective is to foster the growth of Dressage and the pursuit of excellence in the sport at the local, national and international levels. Dressage Canada provides support and guidance to both amateur and professional through the following programs: coaching education and programs, officials’ education and programs, rules & qualifying criteria, sport development, publications & awards. For more information about Dressage Canada, please visit the Dressage section of the Equine Canada site.

About Equine Canada
Equine Canada is a member-based association that represents, promotes and services Canada's equine community and industry. Its core areas of activity involve sport, equine health and welfare, education and safety, governance and marketing, representation and communication. Equine Canada is recognized by Sport Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Coaching Association of Canada as the national organization representing equestrian sport and equine interests in Canada. For more information about Equine Canada, please visit www.equinecanada.ca.