Dream horse Totilas and Rider Alexander Rath at Horses & Dreams meets Germany in May

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The rumours have been circulating for some time, scores of fans have had their fingers crossed, and now it is out: Totilas and Matthias Alexander Rath (Kronberg) are celebrating their first tournament together at Kasselmann Stables in Hagen a.T.W from 4th to 8th May, for the international start to the outdoor season. Horses & Dreams meets Germany will sparkle with the premiere of the new "double" in the dressage arena. The glistening black dream horse, which has enchanted people right across the world, and its new rider have been preparing themselves for weeks for their first joint season. "I am so looking forward to the first joint tournament with Totilas in front of spectators" says Matthias Alexander Rath, who commutes back-and-forth between Kronberg and Mühlen for training. The "dress rehearsal", which took place a few weeks ago at the Schockemöhle Station stallion show in Vechta, showed a great deal of promise, and now the pair will take their starting places in the Grand Prix Tour at Horses & Dreams.

The CDI in Hagen a.T.W is the first of a whole host of international tournaments that the National Dressage Coaches have recommended to their riding squad, looking ahead to the European Championships. Ullrich Kasselmann, the "Tournament Maker", is delighted about the Coup. "We are very proud and are delighted that Totilas and Matthias Alexander Rath will be making their tournament début with us at Horses & Dreams.We welcome equestrian fans from all over the world, and especially Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. But one thing is certain." says Kasselmann, "we're going to have to seriously consider increasing the spectator capacity in the dressage arena..."

Tickets are available for booking now for Horses & Dreams meets Germany: The Day Ticket permits access to the entire tournament area and includes both dressage and show-jumping arenas - this does not, however, include guaranteed seats. This guarantee will be available on 7th and 8th May for a fee of just 5 Euros. Detailed information will be available shortly online at www.horses-and-dreams.de. Advance ticket purchases may be made at any CTS ticket office, at www.eventim.de or www.nordwest-ticket.de +49 421 363636. More information and impressions online at www.horses-and-dreams.de