Draper Equine Therapy Riders Share Success in Eventing, Dressage, Jumping and Combined Driving Competitions

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Posted by JRPR

Canton, MA – Draper Equine Therapy riders have been in the ribbons in a variety of disciplines recently, riding into the winner’s circle in eventing, dressage, jumping and combined driving competitions. Draper Equine Therapy, makers of therapeutic products for horses and riders, are proud to partner with these successful horse professionals.

“Our riders have been doing awesome, and we are so proud of them,” said Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager of Draper Equine Therapy. “It is always thrilling to hear about a rider having great success, but when they are part of your team it is even more exciting and a great way to start the year. We want to congratulate all of our team members on their success and wish them continued victories as they strive to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams.”

Draper dressage rider Heather Blitz, riding Wanderlust, won the Prix St. Georges class at the Dressage at Equestrian Estates show with a 70%. “Heather is such a successful rider and really is beautiful to watch. In addition to Wanderlust, she also rides Paragon, who she raised and trained herself. They are just starting to achieve success and reap the benefits of all of Heather’s hard work,” Wojtylak said. “I certainly look forward to watching her success in the future.” Tami Hoag, another dressage rider partnering with Draper also had success at this show on her mount Feliki and Bacchus de Light 2 with scores above 62% in the Intermediaire II division.

Draper event rider Selena O’Hanlon is currently traveling the Road to the Rolex and having great amounts of success along the way. O’Hanlon, and her Rolex mount Colombo, placed ninth at the Fork CIC 3* event, and was the second most successful Canadian pair. O’Hanlon also placed third in the Preliminary-A division with A First Romance. Another Draper event rider Sara Kozumplik placed eighth in the Intermediate-A division with Manolo Blahnik and 14th in the Preliminary-A division with Delta Ditto. “Competing at Rolex is what most event riders dream of and we wish Selena and Sara the best of luck as they ready themselves for this event,” Wojtylak said.

In the jumper world, Draper rider Michael Tokaruk placed third in the $25,000 Atlanta Spring Grand Prix event. Tokaruk, a Canadian rider who runs Tokaruk Show Stables in Aiken, South Carolina with his brother Luke also found success at the Winter Equestrian Festival earlier in the show season. “Michael is on our Draper Advisory Board. His experience and intelligence has helped him succeed on so many levels and we highly value his opinion on our products,” said Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager of Draper Equine Therapy. “Michael has really embraced our products and discovered for his stable how well they work and help to achieve great results.”

Combined Driver Chester Weber, also a Draper Equine Therapy Advisory Board member, recently broke his own record when he won the USEF National Four-In-Hand Driving Championship for an eighth time in a row at the prestigious Live Oak competition. “It was thrilling to watch Chester and his team of horses compete, they make it look easy,” Wojtylak said. “Now Chester has his sights set on competing in the World Equestrian Games and Draper will be with him as the travels the road to WEG.”

Draper Equine Therapy products contain the innovative smart fiber  Celliant™/Holofiber®, and have been proven to reduce pain, increase oxygen levels and help balance overall body temperature. “Draper products help your horse work harder and recover faster from exertion and injury,” Wojtylak said. “Celliant™/Holofiber encourages the body's natural processes, and there are no known side effects. In fact, the only effects that have been found from the use of Celliant™/Holofiber have been increased stamina, more rapid recovery and better overall performance.”

Draper offers three complete lines of Celliant/Holofiber-enhanced products: Draper Body Therapy; Draper Equine Therapy; and Draper Canine Therapy. Draper Body Therapy offers products ranging from athletic gear to spa therapy all offering the wonderful benefits of Celliant/Holofiber. The specific product line includes eye pillows, shoulder wraps, t-shirts, blankets, sport supports, sleep liners, socks and back belts. The Draper Equine Therapy line, designed to help horses build stamina and recover faster from exertion and injury, includes everything from leg wraps and blankets, to quarter sheets, hock boots and anti-sweat sheets. Complimentary to their other lines, Draper Canine Therapy offers smaller four-legged friends the same benefits in the form of beds, wraps, jackets and blankets.

For more information on Draper Equine Therapy, visit their website at www.draperequinetherapy.com.

Photo: Chester Weber (center), a Draper Equine Therapy sponsored rider, recently won his eighth USEF National Four-In-Hand Championship title. Weber is among the many Draper riders who are achieving success in their discipline. Kat Wojtylak, (left), Draper Equine Therapy Product Manager, said Draper is proud to partner with all of their riders. Also pictured is Kristin Draper (right), President of Draper Therapies.
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