Draper Equine Therapy

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Therapeutic blankets, polo wraps, saddle pads and clothing to help ease stiffness and soreness for the horse and rider.

Riders of all disciplines have quickly recognized that Draper Equine Therapy products offer amazing benefits to both horse and rider – easing stiffness, soreness, decreasing pain and increasing circulation. Made with a revolutionary product called Celliant™/ Holofiber®, Draper Equine Therapy products help horses build stamina and recover faster from exertion and injury. Draper produces everything from leg wraps and blankets to quarter sheets and anti- sweat sheets; also offering complementary products for riders to ensure that the entire team is at their best. Visit their website at www.draperequinetherapy.com to see all of the Draper products.

International dressage rider Susan Dutta serves on the Advisory Board for Draper and finds the Draper products are helping keep her horses in top competitive condition. “We use the Recovery Wraps and the Anti- Sweat Sheets and coolers on our horses,” Dutta said. “I have a groom who has been to three Olympics with another rider and he is thrilled with the Recovery Wraps. In addition to being durable, comfortable and good looking, the Recovery wraps work great. We have noticed that the horses seem more comfortable and tired legs are refreshed after being wrapped.”

While Dutta believes in the products for her horses, dressage rider Laura Noyes is a fan of the products for her horses and herself. Noyes uses Draper’s therapeutic body products including their Draper Home Therapy Sleep Liner. "I do have trouble sleeping some nights as I have a tough time getting comfortable after a long day on and off horses. With the Draper Sleep Liner under my sheet I have noticed that on a regular basis my back is not nearly as tired the next morning,” Noyes said, adding that she is also a fan of the Draper Body Therapy Ladies Mesh Fitted T-Shirt. “When I wear the T-Shirt I have a lot less pain and soreness in my bum shoulder than I usually do.”

Dressage riders aren’t the only horse fans to jump on the Draper bandwagon. Combined Driver Chester Weber, seven-time United States Four-In-Hand National Champion, serves on Draper’s Advisory Board and uses the Draper products on his high-profile team of horses. “Chester has a competitive edge that is rarely seen, and he gave us the opportunity to find out if our product is cut out for the best athletes in the world,” said Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager at Draper Therapies. “Thanks to Chester’s extensive knowledge of the equine specie, he was able to compare our product against other competitive therapeutic products in the market and Chester found he loved Draper Therapy Pillow Wraps and our fates were sealed to become part of Team Weber.”

Weber uses Draper Equine Therapy’s leg wraps on his team of horses, including his well-known horse Jamaica, the 2008 USEF Horse of the Year. “We use their Pillow Wraps in the evening and their special fabric helps to promote circulation and alleviates older sport horses like Jamaica from stocking up,” Weber said. “Compared to other products, I believe Draper Equine Therapy is the best on the market.”

How do the Draper products work?

All of Draper’s products are made with Celliant/Holofiber, which works by altering certain wavelengths of light and reflecting it back to the body, this encourages better circulation by relaxing the capillary beds, allowing the blood to flow more freely through the body. In this way it encourages and enhances the body's own abilities to heal and rejuvenate itself after exertion, stress, or injury. As it affects the circulatory system, Celliant/Holofiber has lingering effects that continue after the material has been removed from the body. It helps the user remain strong and active even when the product is not actively being used.

What is Celliant/Holofiber?

Celliant/Holofiber, which is in all the Draper products, is embedded with millions of microscopic minerals and gemstones which act as reflective mirrors for energy emitted from the body. This energy is redirected back to the body to relax the capillaries and improve blood flow and increase oxygenation. The result is accelerated muscle recovery and help for stiffness and soreness. The increased circulation that results helps to balance the body’s temperature and make it more efficient.

Originally used to help people suffering from diabetic neuropathy and atherosclerosis (i.e., loss of sensation and a hardening of the arteries that results in diminished blood flow and other problems), Celliant/Holofiber was eventually brought to the sports market. Thanks to the innovations developed at Draper Equine Therapy, Celliant is now being used to help non-human athletes alike.

The idea for adapting the benefits of Celliant/Holofiber to horses was devised by Kristin Draper of the Draper Knitting Company, a family- owned textile company in Canton, MA that has been leading the textile industry for over 150 years.

"We started working with Celliant/Holofiber early on,” Draper explains, “and when we saw what it could do for humans, we decided to take it to the equine and canine markets.”

Draper’s products are carefully crafted by Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd., one of the nation's most respected custom sew companies. Products for horses include saddle pads, sheets, leg wraps, blankets and polo wraps. Products for riders include T-shirts, socks, blankets, joint support sleeves, and back support belts. All products are made fully in the USA.

How do Draper products different from magnet or ceramic therapy?


Instead of simply warming or redirecting the magnetic fields of the muscles, Celliant/Holofiber works at the circulatory level, encouraging not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms but an actual improvement of the body's natural systems. It works with your body to help it do what it does naturally. Celliant/Holofiber has been clinically proven to have therapeutic effects while in contact with the body. It encourages blood circulation and oxygenation, the benefits last long after such contact has been discontinued. The three clinical studies that have been completed prove that the products help in fact to increase circulation and oxygenation, regulate body temperature and reduce pain. Draper products are so useful not only after exercise to speed recovery, but before exercise to get the body in the best shape possible.

Horse Owners Love Draper’s Anti-Sweat Sheet -

Draper Equine Therapy’s Anti-Sweat Sheet is earning high praise. Many riders and owners have called the company to report that the anti- sweat sheet works great while trailering horses as it stabilizes body temperature and helps combat body fatigue. The horses aren’t sweaty following their ride and they come off the trailer loose and limber -- a huge feat when you’re traveling to shows or long distances.

Draper recommends that the anti-sweat sheet be used while a horse is standing, whether on the crossties or before stepping foot into a class. “The anti-sweat sheet is a pretty unique and wonderful product. You'll find that after a bath or heavy workout, your horse will dry much faster with the use of the anti-sweat sheet,” said Wojtylak. “The anti-sweat sheet carries the same properties that our other products carry and helps increase circulation, regulates body temperature and reduces pain, which can all lead to lessened warm up time and better muscle recovery.”

A Look At Draper’s Amazing Saddle Pads -

Draper produces three saddle pads: dressage, western and an all- purpose pad. The saddle pads increase circulation and oxygenation levels to the back and shoulders, while decreasing stiffness, soreness, and swelling. It also helps keep back muscles well oxygenated under saddle and is stunning in the show ring.

Canadian eventer Selena O’Hanlon and her Swedish Warmblood Colombo proudly wore a Draper Saddle Pad during the Beijing Olympics. The duo began to use the saddle pad at the Rolex Kentucky Four Star, an Olympic qualifying event. “Colombo has worn his saddle pad everyday since competing at Rolex. He wears nothing else,” O’Hanlon said.

Draper Cares About Your Horses Legs –

Draper produces pillow wraps, recovery wraps, polo wraps and their recently introduced hock boots. The Draper Equine Therapy Polo Wraps provide therapy for your horse while they work and move. They are ideal for competition or during routine workouts. The Draper Equine Therapy Recovery Wraps were designed to address edema, or compromised circulation as a result of injury. They also help to maintain your horses’ legs at peak efficiency. The recovery wraps can be used overnight and/or during the day with standing bandages to provide protection and encourage recovery in the legs.

Draper recently introduced their new Equine Therapy Hock Boots which are durable, wash and wear hock boots that fit numerous sized horses and a wide array of conformations. One of the great things about the hock boot is that for horses who have had surgery or injuries to the area, it fits well after the area becomes inflamed, but also will fit once the edema has lessened. The hock boots bring the same wonderful properties of all the Draper products to an area which is normally under a great deal of stress and strain, especially for sport horses who have the additional emphasis on those joints.

How do I care for Draper Equine Therapy products?

All Draper products can be washed in your home washing machine. Wash with cold water on gentle cycle, then tumble dry at the lowest setting. As Celliant/Holofiber is embedded in the products, washing will not alter the therapeutic properties of the fiber, which means the properties will last the life of the product.

Check Out All Of Draper’s Products – For Equines, Canines and Humans

Draper offers a variety of products for equines, canines and humans. The website offers a description of each product, prices and more scientific information on Celliant/Holofiber -- including information on studies that have proven the products do work! For more information on Draper Equine Therapy, visit their website at www.draperequinetherapy.com or South Florida dressage enthusiasts can see the Draper products at the Sho Clothes mobile store or at www.shoclothes.com.