Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer

Thursday, July 15, 1999
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by Astrid Appels

When Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer, a successful German industrialist was asked to stand up and expound his opinions at the International Trainers Club conference in Germany, he remained seated in the company of the world's professional trainers, saying for him dressage was 'just a hobby'.

His son, Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer Jr., a busy consultant in a hospital, was the man to beat in the early eighties. German National Champion in 1979, '80 and '82, a string of Grand Prix and Special victories in the 'hottest' venues - Aachen, Berlin, Dortmund and Rotterdam were crowned with the 1981 European Championship where he finally triumphed over Christine Stuckelberger and Granat who had kept him in silver medal position in the '78 World Championships. His two best known horses were Slibowitz and Madras.

In 1986 Schulten Baumer Sr. gave control over the reins to Isabell Werth, his star pupil which he discovered in a nearby barn. "Der Doktor", as Werth calls him, is responsible for the purchase of new potential and is there on the sideline to follow every step in the training of his horses. "His mind is a treasure of experience and he's always able to create the correct training programme for each horse," commented Werth.

"Three partners, equally important: rider, horse and trainer. I owe everything to Dr Uwe Schulten Baumer. He daily provides me with great insights in the training of young dressage horses as well as our big Grand Prix stars," said Isabell Werth.

Bernadette Faurie conducted an interview with Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer for the Horse Magazine