Dr. Cesar Parra - DressageDaily's Who's Who Update

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cesar Parra has long been known for his success as an individual dressage competitor, but these days, it's not just his own success he's promoting. In recent years, Cesar has gathered a core group of top-notch young riders around him known as the Performance Farms Team. And the team's members are quickly coming to dominate the winner's circle at shows around the U.S. Cesar happily admits that his young riders are "running me over," but he doesn't mind. He's as proud of them as he is of his own achievements in his career. The team's success is aided by the fact that Cesar has also built up a successful sales and training business, which brings to Performance Farms a steady supply of quality young horses for his team members to train and compete. Those horses are earning the Performance Farms Team not only blue ribbons, but also high scores – often in the mid- to upper-70s. It's Cesar's hope that many of the world's top dressage riders in the future will have launched their careers as members of the Performance Farms Team.

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