Don't Sweat It - Omega Alpha’s Founder Dr. Gordon Chang Explains Equine Hydration from A to Z

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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CEO and founder of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Gordon Chang discusses the importance of supplements for optimum equine health and hydration.

CEO and founder of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Gordon Chang discusses the importance of supplements for optimum equine health and hydration.

Twenty-two years ago, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc. took the lead in developing a distinctive brand of herbal supplements to enhance equine health and performance. Combining science, research, and the finest natural ingredients available, Omega Alpha has created a highly effective line of health products that remains a leader in the equine supplement market. In a recent Horses in the Morning live podcast, which aired on July 7, Omega Alpha CEO, founder, and chief formulator Dr. Gordon Chang provided tips on keeping active horses well hydrated. Chang explained the importance of understanding the how’s and why’s of equine dehydration, and to effectively address this common issue with the use of natural supplements.

Dr. Chang, who earned his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Toronto Institute of Biomedical Engineering, was pleased to share his expert wisdom concerning hydration with Horse Radio Network’s Horses in the Morning, a show that always includes entertaining conversation, regular horse-related segments, training tips, equine health segments, listener call-ins, contests, and giveaways. Omega Alpha is the title sponsor of Monday’s Horses in the Morning, the world’s leading daily podcast for equine enthusiasts with listeners in over 90 countries.

“Hydration for horses is very important because during competition when the weather is hot, they lose a lot of the water that is in their system,” Dr. Chang explained. “If the environment is hot and they are not drinking, they dehydrate. When they don’t replenish, they can suffer from things like heat stroke.”

Dehydration is typically a chief concern for riders with equine athletes. While dehydration in most mammals is a message to the brain to drink and replenish some of that liquid, horses sometimes pass a certain point in the process where they will no longer drink. Dr. Chang emphasized the importance of taking action before this happens, saying, “You have to encourage them to drink by giving them some of the minerals they have lost, like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride—the five major substances that they will lose in their sweat.”

The liquid a horse loses through vigorous sweating is not going to be re-ingested into the body in one drinking session, and a horse may not choose to drink if you simply lead him to water. But you can encourage him to drink by offering electrolytes. “The body can only absorb so much water at any one time so you have to get them doing long-term drinking over a long period of time; this is where the electrolytes come in,” Dr. Chang explained. “Electrolytes can be loaded with sugar, and although they don’t need that sugar, per se – it just depends on what the horse is doing – sugar is part of the recovery process.”

Not only do horses lose electrolytes when they sweat, but they also experience muscle mass breakdown. Omega Alpha has raised the bar where electrolyte products are concerned, by adding branched chain amino acids (L-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-Isoleucine) to their supplements. The addition of L-Glutamine and branched chain amino acids to Omega Alpha’s Equisel-Lyte and Equisel-BCAA--formulated specifically for muscle recovery – will encourage muscle build-up after strenuous competition.

“Research has shown the magic window to be approximately two hours post exercise when you can optimize muscle build-up using branched chain amino acids,” said Dr. Chang. “Branched chain amino acids present in the blood stream help muscles rebuild and recover.”

Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing. A leader for over two decades in natural formulations for enhancing equine health and performance, Omega Alpha follows uncompromising quality control standards and practices specific to herbal products. All herbs are received in whole, uncut form to enable verification of the medicinal herb and ensure no changes or substitutions were made, with laboratory testing for quality of final products.

Omega Alpha is grateful for the opportunities to teach all equine enthusiasts about the company’s advanced products that assist with every aspect of horse health, including: joint supplements, calming supplements, muscle-rehabilitating products, respiratory and hoof supplements, detoxification products, hormonal supplements, and energy and performance supplements.

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