Don't Miss This Tonight! Free Horse Business Seminar - Passive Income and Retirement Options for Horse Professionals

Monday, September 13, 2010
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On September 13th 2010, at 5PM PST Equestrian will host a free webinar/tele-seminar for horse business owners. "Smart Financial Planning for Horse Professionals, Part 3 - Choices for a Better Future". Equestrian Professional's popular seminar series has taken a three pronged, (past - present - future) approach to helping horse business owners improve their financial outlook. The first seminar focused on recovery and featured a lot of great tips and information to help horse professionals improve cash flow and get their businesses back on track if they were hit hard by the recession. The second seminar was on equine business insurance and provided information to ensure that current assets are properly protected.
The third and final seminar in the series is geared toward building financial security for the future. We will discuss:

  • the importance of creating passive income streams
  • tips for evaluating investments and/or making financial decisions
  • how to plan when you are in a high risk profession
  • what to consider when planning for retirement and/or partial retirement.

  • Planning for partial retirement is an incredibly important (and often missed) step for horse professionals. For example, even though some horse professionals intend to work until they drop, they still need a financial plan that enables them to "slow down" due to an injury or age.

    Many horse professionals believe that they will simply stop riding and teach or hire someone else to do the heavy lifting when this time comes. However, without proper planning, the professional can find themselves ill prepared financially to make these career adjustments.

    There are important financial, educational and lifestyle considerations that can make a big difference in terms of developing a successful plan. This seminar will help to identify exactly what those considerations are so that horse professionals can make educated, fact based decisions about their own futures.

    If you are in the horse business, you can't afford to miss this seminar series. Equestrian Professional's seminars can be attended online via webcast or via your phone. The live lecture portion is free to all horse professionals but you must register to attend. You can learn more about these events and register for the free seminar at

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