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Wednesday, January 8, 2014
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Deklan - Sold in one month on DressageDaily's HorseMarket!
Deklan - Sold in one month on DressageDaily's HorseMarket!

It's that time of year - the emails are coming in requesting a change on HorseMarket ads to read "Can now be seen in Wellington"! It is the beginning of the New Year and with the holidays over it is time to focus on the upcoming year and getting down to business once more! For lots of people it also means being able to pack up and escape the frigid temperatures to converge in the warmer climates that both coast have to offer. Florida and California both offer a lot of equine action and with a line-up of competitions ranging from national level to top CDI's there is something for everyone! What better places for people in the market to shop for a new horse when so many talented dressage horses are concentrated in a much smaller area of the U.S.?

This time of year sets up an ideal situtation that allows for more of a "European" shopping experience where buyers can come and try many horses in a smaller area letting them save both time and money! Don't miss out by not showcasing your horse early in the season on DressageDaily's Horsemarket - the number source for dressage horses for sale online! We hear from so many sellers how we have such a audience of dedicated, educated people and we want to help you highlight your equine offerings to this serious group of buyers!

In addition to our beautifully composed ads, your horse will be featured in one of our weekly newsletters that go out to over 6,000 subscribed names (Subscribe here!) and on all of our dedicated HorseMarket Social Media pages - Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter! Advertise early in the season so you don't miss out on the opprotunity and you will get the most benefit from your advertising dollars!

Ducati HPF - Sold in under 90 days to Canada!
Ducati HPF - Sold in under 90 days to Canada!

Testimonials -
Nancy Connolly - Horsepower Farm Hanoverians:
"Once again, success on Dressage Daily.  Our mare Ducati HPF is on her way to her new owner in Canada. The only website we have had success with is DressageDaily - the only place I would place high quality Dressage riding horses. Thank you once again DressageDaily for your reach across the US, and Canada!"

Teri Patton-Rich:
"Thanks DressageDaily! Your site does a wonderful job and I have always received great results using your site for promoting the horses I have for sale."

Ally and Sandy:
"Hi Elizabeth, Erin Meadows Oke Doke is now sold if you could post that, that would be great!! Thank you soooo much for all of your heelp, you were terrific!! Thanks a million!!! (We got sooo many emails!) :)."

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