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Friday, December 16, 2011
Posted by Elisabeth McMillan


A seminar that explores how the economy, the horse industry, and the Internet are affecting horse business owners. Join the evening of December 19th 2012 for the most powerful horse business webinar of the year.

During Rethinking the Horse Business 2012 we’ll discuss the results of our horse professionals survey and what those results could mean for your business. This event can be easily attended via your phone or computer. It features reports and opinions from a wide variety of equestrian associations, equine industry leaders and companies around the globe. Plus, survey results from hundreds of individual horse business owners including professional riders, instructors, horse trainers, breeders, and stable operators about the economic state of their businesses.

It provides an eye-opening look at the future of the horse business. Key economic indicators within the horse industry are shared at the seminar, as well as reports on emerging international markets, innovative marketing strategies and introductions to several new horse business models. Attendees will learn which areas of the equestrian community are growing and gain valuable insights into new market trends and opportunities within the equestrian niche.

Last year, our survey uncovered some very interesting data. One significant insight was the majority of horse professionals reported growth in new customers with an atypical decrease in profits. While some decrease in profits could be attributed to increased expenses, it is likely profits were also influenced by other factors; such as the widespread decrease in horse sales and horse show attendance (traditionally two of the most profitable income streams for a horse business owners). At Rethinking the Horse Business 2012, listeners will discover if last year’s growth in new customers resulted in increased horse sales, show attendance, and/or increased profitability in 2012.

Horse professionals are the heart of the equine industry. They play an essential role in the welfare of the horse and the health of the horse industry as a whole. They are important advocates, educators, and sports figures who draw “newbies” into the equestrian community, provide hands on care to the horses, and facilitate the enjoyment of the equestrian lifestyle for those already involved.

The financial state of horse business owners is an important indicator of the future health of the equine industry as a whole. Our belief is that when horse professionals are given the support they need to thrive, the industry flourishes and the welfare of the horse improves.

Rethinking the Horse Business 2012 is free to all horse professionals and horse business owners. Last year, this event garnered nearly 1,000 registrants from around the world and provided survey results from over 600 horse professionals. This year, we hope to double those numbers. However, space is limited. So be sure to reserve your spot now. You can learn more at

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