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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sold! Sir Niro HW of HorseSales LLC,
Sold! Sir Niro HW of HorseSales LLC,

It is the perfect time of year for marketing your horse and DressageDaily's HorseMarket is just the place to do it! With warm weather finally upon us people are on the move looking for that perfect match that will take the to the show ring or to simply learn the art of dressage. Our HorseMarket has helped countless people sell or find that perfect match online for 18 years! We all know that people are plugged in more than ever and shopping online is the go to method to find what is available on the market. Listing your horse online with HorseMarket will give maximum exposure to a targeted, discipline specific audience via your ad listing as well as being featured on our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages. We also add current listings into one of our award winning newletters that goes out to over 6,000 verified subscribers. Act now and get your horse listed and take advantage of "spring fever"!

"To advertise here is amazing, super service, horse knowledgable customers, friends and fans check on a regular basis. We will keep advertising here, it’s one of the best ways to get the word out. Absolutely love the many years we've worked together and hope, it will be followed by many more successful years to come. Sir Niro HW’s new owner couldn’t be more excited to have him, yes, he was sold sight unseen, as most of our horses are." - Cheers, Irene Wiederhold, HorseSales LLC,

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