Donald Sheehan and Arrow Take Pre-Green 3' Hunter Division at Tryon Spring 7

Friday, May 29, 2015


Mill Spring, NC- Donald Sheehan of Maryville, TN, and Linda Schwartz's Arrow capped an impressive day at TIEC earning champion honors in the Pre-Green 3' Hunter division. Sheehan, who has had a very busy season so far at TIEC, piloting several horses to championship honors, was very pleased with his rounds today aboard the smaller bay gelding today.

"He was great today, he went around today like a champ and he was very good yesterday too," said Sheehan. "He's a great little horse and I've had a really good time riding him."

Arrow has been with Sheehan and Craig Allen at Wayside Farm since last year and the gelding has taken great strides since his purchase from Sarah Mechlin, with both Sheehan and his owner, Linda Schwartz.

"His owner competed him in the 3'3 Juniors last year while I did him in the Pre-Greens and she started him the Juniors this year and he's just been phenomenal so far," commented Sheehan. "He's a perfect horse. He's a great jumper and a great mover and the hunters have really suited him. He's a good all-around guy."

The duo will look to continue their winning ways this season and Sheehan is proud to have the ride on Arrow. Sheehan and Wayside Farm are planning to compete at majority of the big Finals classes approaching in the summer and fall before turning their sights to Ocala, FL, their winter base. "As for the future, we're looking to do most of the finals classes of everything, you know we have medal finals and everything like that and then of course indoors."

Competition continues at TIEC tomorrow with the $5,000 1.45 Challenge in the George H. Morris Arena before the venue prepares for the largest class of the week, the $127,000 Kingsland Grand Prix beginning at 7pm on Saturday, May 30. 

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