Does Your State Equine Liability Legislation Cover Your Equine Operation?

Monday, July 17, 2017
Posted by Tracey Scharf


I get this question all the time. My state has Equine Liability Legislation in place, so why do I need a liability policy for my riding or training operation? Just because your state has equine activity liability legislation in place does not mean your equine business is protected from liability lawsuits. What it does do is make it easier for a judge to dismiss certain cases as defined under the law. If someone files a lawsuit against you, you still have to respond, often incurring legal expenses. A good commercial general liability policy will cover the defense costs you incur. This is also why it is so important to have your Insurance with a company that understands how an Equestrian property is run.

I hear all the time from potential clients “Your Application asks a lot of questions that others have not”, and my answer to them is that if they are not asking these important questions, then how do they know what exposures you have, and how can you be properly covered if they do not know of, all of the exposures?

An equine liability policyspecific to your commercial operation will protect you, your investment and your assets. You will be covered for costs of your legal representation and any judgment or verdict that may be entered against you up to your policy limits. It is important to discuss your operation and include all activities in which you engage to be sure you are properly protected by your liability policy.

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