Does Your Saddle Need a Tune Up?

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Your saddle is one of the most important piece of equipment keeping your partnership with your horse harmonious. As riders, we know how important that connection is. Let us take care of all of your saddle needs. At The Dressage Connection in Wellington, Florida, Charles Tota is on the scene at the Global Dressage Festival with all the right stuff, and stuffing to keep your saddle where it should be for your seat and your horse’s back. Charles Tota is a Master Saddle fitter, trained by Jochen Schleese and German Master Saddler Jochen Hennig. With his great passion he became the first US Dealer for both saddle makers and after 2 decades he still continues his relationship with both companies both selling and repairing their saddles. Charles has employed 4th Generation Master Saddler Chuck Insko who handles all major repairs on saddles and equipment. Not sure if your saddle needs a tune up? Check out the video on how to check if your saddle is safe.