Does Your Horse Have the Guts to Win? Learn More About Omega Alpha’s Digestive Health Trio

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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One of the most common struggles experienced by competition horses is poor digestive health. Luckily, Omega Alpha® has safe and natural remedies designed to help with these major issues. Three favorite Omega Alpha® products: Biotic 8 Plus™, Gastra-FX™ and RegenerEQ™ are often referred to as the digestive health trio and can help give your horse “the guts to win”.

Biotic 8™ Plus is a multi-strained blend with 9 different species of probiotics. It supports the growth of good bacteria and healthy gut flora. The enzymes help digest and absorb essential nutrients and vitamins from food. It also protects from damage caused by acid in the digestive system.

Gastra-FX™ is great for maintaining normal stomach health. Stomach discomfort causes irritability that can be mistaken as a behavioral issue. Prevention of that with this blend of botanical herbs can improve the mood of your horse, reduce bloating, gas, and colic symptoms.

When horses are stressed from traveling, competition, or new environments, they tend to have gastrointestinal distress. RegenerEQ™ promotes gastrointestinal health but does not limit the essential production of stomach acid that is needed for digestion. It helps with appetite, behavior, performance, weight gain, and an overall healthy gastrointestinal environment.

These three products in conjunction with each other can significantly reduce performance-hampering gastrointestinal equine issues, resulting in a horse who is comfortable, healthier and poised for peak performance.

Equine Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Meg Miller Turpin is a longtime proponent of RegenerEQ™ shared, “I have included RegenerEQ in my treatment regime in horses with inflammatory bowl disease and gastrointestinal disorders. I have been very impressed with the results”.

Multiple National Champion FEI competitor and trainer, Endel Ots also relies on Omega Alpha’s digestive health trio for his string of champions and told us, “RegenerEQ, Gastra-FX and Biotic 8 Plus are my Omega Alpha “go-to” products for digestive health. The results really show in my horses’ performances in the competitions and during daily training.”

Equine Internal Medicine Specialist_Dr. Meg Miller
Equine Internal Medicine Specialist_Dr. Meg Miller