Does My Homeowner's Policy Protect Me Against Any Losses that Might Be Caused by My Horse?

Monday, August 12, 2019
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I get asked this question all of the time…doesn't my homeowner's policy protect me against any losses that might be caused by my horse? Probably not. Many homeowner policies have at least one of three exclusions which could affect a horse owner. First, there may be an exclusion for claims which occur off your premises. If you take your horse to a show off premises and he injures someone, that claim could be denied because the accident didn't happen on your property. The second general exclusion involves business pursuits. One insurance company recently rejected a claim because the horse involved had won a $25 horse show prize. According to the insurance company, the horse was involved in business pursuits. And the third exclusion: some homeowner's policies flatly exclude any claims caused by horses or cattle.

To make sure you are adequately covered you should look into Markel’s Private Horse Owner Coverage. This affordable policy will cover your horse(s) on or off your premises, if they cause damage to property or injury to another person or animal. With policies starting as low as $235., for coverage limits of $300,000., and covering up to 4 horses. Can you really afford NOT to have this coverage?

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HorsesDaily's Mary Phelps is a Markel Equine Insurance Specialist and CSR Tracey Scharf provide the personal attention needed to help make the busy lives of their clients smooth and easy when it comes to the process of insuring your business and equine mortality needs. While Mary travels to the shows and barns, you can count on Tracey in the office to be available to answer questions and manage the details with ease. 1-800-572-3286.

**This coverage is not available to individuals involved in commercial equine operations** (example: trail rides, riding instruction, race training, commercial breeding, boarding or leasing of horses which you do not own), or if you own more than 10 horses. If you are involved in a commercial operation, please complete our Commercial Equine Liability application.

*Commercial equine operation where the insured is actively involved in breeding, boarding, training, leasing of horses and/or any activity noted above and receives monetary value or other compensation.