Discover Western Dressage Symposium - Classical Dressage Meets the Western Horse

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The purpose of the Discover Western Dressage Symposium is to facilitate the correct understanding of classical dressage principles and their application to the western horse. We will begin with an overview of the Training Scale, and move on to the Progression of Western Dressage Training. The purpose of the various movements and figures will be explained as we work up the levels. Theory will be put into practice with live demonstrations illustrating how various exercises can improve the quality of the gaits and their natural way of going. A special emphasis will be placed on the role of the rider as trainer and the importance of correct and tactful aiding and a balanced seat. Judging methodology will be discussed and participants will be given the opportunity to watch and assess ridden Western Dressage tests.

Who Needs to Come to the Discover Western Dressage Symposium?

  • Riders and trainers from other disciplines wanting to learn more about the exciting new sport of Western Dressage
  • Western Dressage riders wanting to progress their horse up through the Levels
  • Professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of Western Dressage to more accurately assess, comment, and judge

There is absolutely no other event that combines education, inspiration, and passion like the Discover Western Dressage Symposium. 

The cost is $390 for 2 days instruction, which includes lunch. Invest in yourself, you'll be happy you did!