Diamante Farms’s Newest Gem: German Dressage Trainer Kevin Kohmann

Sunday, November 2, 2014
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Kevin Kohmann and Devon Kane
Kevin Kohmann and Devon Kane

Wellington, FL - The beautiful ten-acre Diamante Farms spent a summer in the spotlight this year as its head trainer Devon Kane was invited to compete in prestigious dressage shows on both sides of the Atlantic, and the horses and students produced by Diamante demonstrated prize-winning talent. This fall, Diamante Farms is continuing to raise the bar for America’s dressage facilities as the Wellington, Florida based estate adds a new talent to their highly-qualified team—Kevin Kohmann, German dressage trainer, competitor, and show judge. “Kevin is an ambitious and talented rider and trainer,” says Diamante Farms’s USDF Gold Medalist Devon Kane, describing Kohmann.

Kohmann has a passion and talent for training students and horses of all levels from beginner through the FEI. The young German-born competitor has excelled in dressage competitions himself from the Young Horse levels through Grand Prix, and is also a certified dressage judge through the German National Federation. He has worked with such dressage masters as Franz Martin Stankus and Dieter Bruhn. Kohmann’s specializations in training include his ability to work horses in hand and on the double-longe to train the piaffe and passage.

“As a young professional I thought it was very important to surround myself with the very best that the sport has to offer,” Kohmann says, explaining his decision to be based out of Diamante Farms. “Diamante Farms has long since set itself apart as one of the preeminent facilities here in Wellington. The quality of the riding, the care, and of course the beautiful facility are all wonderful. I'm very excited to start my business here and look forward to a long relationship with Devon and Diamante.”

When Grand Prix trainer Devon Kane first saw Kohmann work with one of her own horses, she realized a great partnership could come from the two trainers pooling their talents. “I have known Kevin socially and at shows since he arrived in Wellington,” Kane explains. “But we really got to know one another about two years ago when I called him for help with a talented young horse of mine. Kevin was wonderful to work with with that horse, and I enjoyed his enthusiasm and concern. He is truly a person who loves his job and is always solicitous to his clients.” Kohmann, eager to begin working alongside Kane, says “It is so beneficial to have another young professional to work side by side with. Having both grown up with the German classical system and ridden and trained with Hubertus [Schmidt], we find that many of our theories and philosophies are very similar. It is so advantageous to have another professional you can bounce ideas off of and to always have an extra set of eyes on the ground.”

Kohmann will be operating his Kohmann Dressage out of Diamante Farms, adding his wisdom and skills to those offered at Diamante. “I am very excited that this year I will have horses and riders in almost every level from the FEI young horse levels through the FEI Grand Prix,” Kohmann continued. “I am so looking forward to great success both in the arena as a rider and on the sidelines as a coach. Personally, I hope to partner with some talented horses to hopefully move up the levels, with my sights set on competing alongside the best of the sport.”
Terri Kane, Devon’s mother and an owner of Diamante Farms, comments, “I think that it will be very positive to have two extremely professional and ambitious under-thirty-year-olds as the two trainers out of our barn.” Devon Kane agrees, saying “We are extremely proud to have Kohmann Dressage opening out of our facility. I am looking forward to our businesses growing together. Kevin will absolutely match and contribute to the professional, motivated, and caring atmosphere at Diamante Farms.” Kohmann adds “This year is already shaping up to be the best one yet. I'm so looking forward to this season and feel so fortunate to have surrounded myself with such wonderful clients, horses, and fellow professionals.”

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