Devonwood To The Rescue as Fires Continue to Rage In The Pacific Northwest

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Posted by Mary Phelps


“Pandemonium here, ” was in a late night message sent by Noah Rattner, general manager and co-owners of Devonwood Equestrian Center, Sherwood, Oregon.

SafeWith high winds and fires raging in the surrounding regions, Rattner put out a message on his Facebook Page that Devonwood was ready and able to take evacuees. In under 24 hours, he was filled to their 250 stall capacity with horse, ponies, and other assorted animals, as the skies surrounding them glowed in the horror what what happening.

DevonWood had volunteered to be an evacuation destination since they have no overhead power lines, are privately owned, have stabling for up to 250 horses. “Thankfully we were in ready position and could taken every horse in town,” said Rattner.

Some people are camped, but the majority left to save what they could from their homes and barns. Getting the animals out was their first priority. Many arriving at Devonwood were coming from another evacuation location that became unsafe, with the winds and fire raging at lightning speed.

“We’ve been fielding calls for since 7:00 am and they’re still calling now at 2:45 am. Fires are still blazing and the adjacent cities are in Level 3 Evacuation order.”

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Downtime Property Maintenance a Good Thing Because of COVID

LlamasDevon had used their downtime during the COVID quarantine and cancelled shows to do some major property maintenance. All of the fields were cut with irrigation on continuously. They just removed about 10 “at risk” trees, and limbed up numerous other trees across the property. “We are literally the best prepared,” said Rattner, “almost accidentally, for what was to come, the best case scenario.”

In addition they had just brought in 30 tons of orchard hay, “We’ve been helping folks with hay who didn’t have time to grab feed. Devonwood’s feed company and show sponsor, LMF Feeds (owned by AFCO) had their representative , Katie Uetz, on site all day helping us unload bedding, hay, fill water buckets. “She was amazing.”

Rattner Clan "Crushed It" With Help From Their Local Suppliers

safe for nowNoah’s sister Jessica added on her Facebook Page “For better or worse, the Rattner clan crushes in a crisis.

Finally going to bed after helping @jesterjarett, @bankermanusa, and @kelskilday provide emergency stabling for over 200 evacuated horses (plus a few llamas and goats) in an orderly, stress free fashion. Feeling extra grateful to have had buckets and shavings on hand and ready to distribute thanks to @wilcostores and Katie @lmffeeds. Now hopefully, the fire on Bald Peak keeps its distance.”