Devon Showcases Charlotte Jacobs

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Posted by Devon Horse Show

Winner of the R.W. "Ronnie" Mutch Equitation Championship

Just when it looked like her barn mate Michael Hughes had the R.W. "Ronnie" Mutch Equitation Championship title in the bag, having won virtually every class he had competed in, Charlotte Jacobs came from behind to claim the title.  "Today I knew I was tied with him, which would have been fun because we are best friends, but I would have to be fourth or above in the Maclay today to win, so I went in and did my best and my horse was absolutely great." Her horse was so good that Jacobs ended up third in the B section, securing the Championship.

"Michael was great the entire way and he rode amazingly well, and he's a year younger than me so....  He's just such a good rider."

About the Maclay, "It was a very technical course with a lot of going, bending and steadying. My horse (Stallone VDL) has a huge stride so the steadying is a little bit harder for him, but he's very adjustable which is great.  He did the Junior Hunters in Saratoga.  He's a good horse. I've had him for three years.  I showed him, leased him out for a year, and got him back during Florida this year."

Jacobs also talks about the difference of winning at Devon. "It's such an important show.  After WEF everyone takes a break and then you come back, and Devon's the next really big show.  When you come to Devon, all the top of the top of the Juniors are back.  It's a really difficult show because there are so many people in the Equitation classes.  Whoever wants to come, comes.  There's no qualifying or anything. It's a hard show, and there's so much history.  You walk in (to the Dixon Oval) and your heart is beating so fast.  It's really special because my dad competed here, and my uncle did the Junior Jumpers here.  To win this is a huge deal for me and I'm extremely excited."