Devon Kane Guides Diamante Farms' Young Horses to Victory at Poplar Place

Friday, May 21, 2010
Posted by bossmare


Wellington, FL - May 20, 2010 - Diamante Farms had a fantastic showing at the recent Poplar Place Farm's May Dressage Show held in Hamilton, GA, on May 15-16, 2010. Diamante Farms is a dressage training, showing, and boarding facility in Wellington, FL, which is owned by Terri and Dick Kane. The Kane's daughter, Devon, rode two of Diamante Farms' promising young horses to victory over the weekend while also cheering on client Amy Bock to two big wins.
Kane began the weekend by riding her five-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding Sanchez to victory in the First Level Test 4. Sanchez is Blue Hors Romanov out of a Trakehner mare by Camelot. Kane purchased Sanchez in Denmark one year ago and this was the pair's third time showing together.  Kane and Sanchez scored a 72.368% from the judge at 'C' Sue Madden Mandas to earn first place honors. Kane and Sanchez showed again on Sunday and finished second in the Second Level Test 4 with a 67.143%.

Kane also showed her seven-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding Destiny to victory at Poplar Place, scoring a 70.769% in the Third Level Test 2 to earn first place from the judge at 'C' Sue Madden Mandas. Destiny is a Danish bred gelding out of Diamond Hit, by a Rubenstein mare. Competing the next day, Kane and Destiny earned another first place finish in the Third Level Test 3 with a score of 72.093%. Those scores, and Sanchez's score from Saturday's First Level Test Four will count towards regional championship qualifications.

"I am very proud of Sanchez and Destiny," Kane expressed. "Destiny is getting more and more comfortable in the arena and at the show. He gets anxious and excited, but he is really learning to tune in to me and focus his energy in a positive and constructive manner. I am very proud of the way he performed this weekend. He tried his best, I was able to ride him in the arena, and he got to show off some."

Showing Destiny Third Level this year was part of Kane's long term plan for the gelding. She explained, "He is schooled and comfortable in the Third Level work, so I am showing him there and taking him to regional championships for Region 3 to build his confidence at the shows and in the arena. This is his first year to ever show, so my goal is to expose him in a comfortable zone and let him show his fire and talent to build his competitiveness. He is really enjoying himself."

At home, Kane is working on finishing the work to bring Destiny out in the small tour this fall. Diamante Farm's head trainer Michelle Gibson is helping to keep the pair motivated and moving forward steadily and correctly. "Destiny and I were able to work with Hubertus (Schmidt) when he came to clinic at my farm in April, and he helped to kick us up a notch to the next level of our training," Kane noted. "It is getting more intense, but Destiny keeps putting forth effort and surprising us with his amazing athletic ability."

Sanchez is another great young horse that Kane is training and showing this year.  Sanchez started out doing the five-year-old classes at the beginning of the year, but Kane decided to put a hold on those and focus hard on building his strength and training for Second Level and the six-year-old classes next year.

"Sanchez is maturing and growing up wonderfully," Kane said. "We are currently standing in the top half of the qualified horses for Lamplight, but I am considering not competing there and instead focusing on his development. "In the meantime, I will qualify him for First and Second Level for regional championships to keep him in the arena and keep him exposed. This was his first show outside of the young horse classes, and I am very pleased with his scores and the comments and remarks that we received. It is all extremely positive, and I feel that he is in a better position to excel in these classes."

"His first score of over 72 was so exciting and encouraging, and we received eights for collected marks and a nine for the last centerline and halt," Kane continued. "That is a huge accomplishment for us because he does not particularly enjoy stopping or standing still. He was a bit naughty on Sunday, but I was able to school him through the test and make a positive experience out of it. We still received very positive comments and I was pleased the he was confident, maybe a bit too much so, but he never quit and he is comfortable enough to let me school him in the arena and make the point that he still must listen."

"I am becoming more and more comfortable in the arena with these young guys, and I am really having fun," Kane smiled. "These horses are a blast to ride and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to take them out and show them off. I am learning to ride the tests better and cleaner, and I am building more confidence in the ring with them. I am enjoying showing them, but even more, I am enjoying training them every day and building a wonderful relationship with each of them."

Also showing for Diamante Farms over the weekend were Amy Bock and her horse Walk the Line, by World of Dreams. The Poplar Place show was just the second competition for Bock and Walk the Line, and the pair won the USEF Young Horse Test for Four-Year-Olds with an amazing score of 86.200% judged by Dolly Hannon at 'C'.  Bock and Walk the Line showed again on Sunday, continuing their success by winning the class with a score 83.00% judged by Anne Gribbons at 'C'.

"Amy and Walk the Line (Cash) had a great show," Kane commented. "Their score of 8.6 in the four-year-old class should put them in the front of the standings for the young horse championship. Cash looked amazingly relaxed, especially for a four-year-old, and was moving very through and loose this weekend. They both looked great. Despite riding in the blazing afternoon heat, they kept wonderful composure and Cash stayed very attentive and tried very hard. The judges loved his fluid forward movement, and could see the potential that we are all excited about as well!"

Diamante Farms will compete locally and regionally through the summer and fall. For more information, please visit www.diamantefarms.com.