Developing Talent, Young Horse D’Espirit Joli, wins at the CDIO3* Nations Cup with Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Monday, March 30, 2015
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Sahar Daniel Hirosh and D’Espirit Joli
Sahar Daniel Hirosh and D’Espirit Joli

Wellington, FL - Internationally acclaimed Israeli dressage rider, Sahar Daniel Hirosh, continues to dominate the global stage with his latest talented mount - D’Espirit Joli. Easily scoring 8’s this week at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDIO3* Nations Cup, D’Espirit Joli, or “Peach” as she’s affectionately known around the barn, is the perfect example of Hirosh’s ability to develop a young horse into a successful competitor on the international stage. Scoring 8’s for her canter and receiving an impressive overall score of 77.8%, the graceful performance earned judge’s comments like, “she is 100% on the training scale.” Hirosh said, “Every step we dance together I forget what is happening around me and become engrossed in this mare.”

D’Espirit is the perfect dance partner for a seasoned pro such as Hirosh. And dance they did, captivating the judges with their beautiful performance placing second their first day and winning on their second day in competition.


Hirosh’s ability to create a mount that stays cool under pressure was on display for all to see, as Michael F Rucci of Custom Saddlery fitted the young mare with a Custom Everest monoflap saddle less than an hour before the class begun.

Hirosh couldn’t have been more proud to end his 2015 Wellington season on such a high note, adding how grateful he is Peach matured into a true professional so quickly. Owned by Lisa Grossi of Thunderball Ranch in Bozeman, Montana and USA bred by Barbara Schmidt DVM of Birdlewood Farm, this beautiful liver chestnut Hanoverian mare (Decaprio and out of Donna Schufro) was fresh off her phenomenal winning spree beginning in Socrates and Devon and continuing down to Wellington, FL where she recently won with a 76% in the FEI 5-year-old test at the Derby.

Hirosh attributes her consistent high marks to his personalized training programs at SDH Dressage, where Hirosh personally develops and trains each mount with great patience, attention to detail and sensitivity to the horse.

Understandably, Hirosh has high hopes for this extraordinary young mare and plans to campaign her in Europe this summer. His high hopes don’t end there, as early on Peach’s rideability and willingness along with her natural talent led Grossi to breed her last year and is expecting two foals from her next month via embryo transfer.


With top sponsorships from The Dressage Connection, Custom Saddlery, John Golitz, Life Pulse PEMF Therapy, Choice of Champions, Dressage Sport Boots, Hirosh believes there is no limit to what D’Espirit Joli and his fleet of world-class dressage horses at SDH Dressage can accomplish.

SDH Dressage, headed by Sahar Daniel Hirosh, is based out of Wellington, FL and New Hope, PA, where the welfare of the horse comes first and foremost. For more information, visit www.sdhdressage.com or call 516-448-3430

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